Top Sugar Daddies of the Century

Though it may not come as a surprise, older men (particularly those with large bank accounts and disposable incomes), are attracting younger, very attractive women – even if it means leaving their wives behind.  And though these men aren’t technically dads, they spoil, pamper and indulge these young beauties – thus giving them the title, Sugar Daddies.


Celebrities aren’t exempt from “robbing the cradle.” With celebrities like Kelsey Grammer and Charlie Sheen making waves for their indulgent relationships with women years their junior, top sugar dating website, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Sugar Daddies of the Century.  From legendary actors to billionaire moguls, these men are notorious for their lure (or lust) for youthful females.


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Hugh Hefner – The number one Sugar Daddy of all time, 84 year-old playboy Hugh Hefner has an arsenal of Sugar Babies.  The mogul (and sometimes mongrel) recently popped the question to 24 year-old Crystal Harris.


Donald Trump – Affectionately known as “The Donald”, but I prefer to calling him, “The Don”, this billionaire is nearly 25 years older than his wife Melania Knauss-Trump. Good thing she doesn’t mind the golden feathers on top!


Charlie Sheen – When you make $1.5 million an episode, you’re able to splurge on things like beautiful young porn stars and lavish hotel parties with strippers. Just ask the MaSHEEN. WINNING!


Mick Jagger – World renowned for his strings of affairs, this rock legend has several children by several sugar babies-turned-baby mamas. And he still can’t get no satisfaction?

Tiger Woods – Golf veteran and Sugar Dating Rookie, this super star flubbed his first Sugar Daddy experience by destroying his marriage and paying millions of dollars for it. He’s learning as he goes, and plenty of Sugar Babies are happy to help.

Tiki Barber – While not ALL Sugar Daddies are unfaithful, Tiki Barber left his pregnant wife for a much younger intern at a TV station where he was employed.

William Randolph Hearst – Possibly the founding father of the Sugar Daddy movement, this media mogul openly lived with his 21 year-old mistress. Hear that? Openly…

Woody Allen – Perhaps one of the most notorious Sugar Daddies, this film icon marries his adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, giving Sugar Daddy a new (more literal) meaning.

Kelsey Grammer – This TV marvel certainly has a way with women. His engagement to 24 year-old Kate Walsh landed him an offer as spokesperson.


John F. Kennedy – Charming, rich and powerful, it has been reported that this former US President had affairs with numerous young women including White House workers, Gangsters’ girlfriends, staff members, reporters, and Movie stars.




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