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TOM'S Wedding Collection Review

By Erin Poole

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Flowers? Check.

Invitations? Check.

Venue? Check.

Wedding party? Check.

Shoes? Che—wait, no! I don’t have shoes yet!

After recently getting engaged, I am always looking at pictures of beautiful dresses and wondering what shoes to wear underneath. I mean, no one will even see my shoes and I just want to be comfortable so I can jam the night away to my favorite tunes with my new husband.

While shoes may seem like a minor detail in terms of everything going on for your wedding day, they are not!

Shoes can either complete an outfit or destroy it. What is worse than seeing the bride stumble down the aisle because the heels she bought are like walking on glass?

TOM’S shoes to the rescue! TOM’S is now featuring a line of wedding shoes for men, women and children alike.

Offering styles including the natural canvas women’s classics in ballet pink, wedges, white leather flats and even glittery flats, the bride and bridesmaids alike will all find something to enjoy and look fabulous in.

TOM’S takes it two steps further (pun intended) offering a line for men and even the little ones as well so everyone in your wedding party can be matching, stylish and comfortable.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about TOM’S is that for every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need.

With each pair in the $40-$50 range, this could even be a great gift idea for those in your wedding party!

For more information on inviting TOM’S to your wedding, visit http://www.toms.com/wedding-collection.

Published on Jun 27, 2012

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