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The Wedding Salon Review - Plan Your Wedding in One Day

By Sabrina Aman

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On March 25, 2013, from 4PM – 8PM, The SLS hotel in Beverly Hills hosted the world’s largest luxury wedding tradeshow, The Wedding Salon. The Wedding Salon is a one-day event structured to attract thousands of brides-to-be to help them plan a successful wedding by providing them some of the newest and most trendy vendors all in one day and one place. Finding the best vendor for your wedding can be frustrating and complicated as you have to spend so much time going to different locations. However, The Wedding Salon is designed so that all vendors come to this one location to make it convenient for all the soon to be brides. In addition, finding hairstylist, make up artists, the best food, cake and floral designs can also get complicated, so all those wedding specialists are present at the event, giving brides-to-be the opportunity to try their products and find their perfect match all in one day!

In the spring of 2004, Tatiana Byron partnered with Martha Stewart to launch The Wedding Salon. This event feels like a luxurious wedding as it includes cocktail bars, honeymoon booths, catering and many vendors that can help the groom and bride plan a very organized and sophisticated wedding.

The event began with a long line of brides-to-be, their grooms, family, friends and socialites from all over Los Angeles, who were excited to enter the prestigious annual bridal tradeshow. Once everyone checked in, they headed to the main floor which consisted of live statue models who wore beautiful and trendy bridal dresses designed by R-Mine Bespoke. www.rminebridal.com 

Live models wearing R-Mine Bespoke Dresses

Live Bride and Groom Models wearing R-Mine Bespoke


Dresses by R-Mine Bespoke

Then guests headed to the main room that had all the vendors

Inside The Wedding Salon

From honeymoon vacation destinations such as Thailand, to wedding decors, photography, videography, make up, jewelry, floral displays, table decors, and more dresses designed by several clients such as Winnie Couture, Mon Amie Bridal Salon, Nicole Miller, and Klein Epstein & Parker (Tuxedos) 

Show room full of beautiful dresses designed by Winnie Couture, Mon Amie Bridal Salon, Nicole Miller, and Klein Epstein & Parker (Tuxedos)


Show room full of beautiful dresses designed by Mon Amie Bridal Salon, Nicole Miller, and Klein Epstein & Parker (Tuxedos)

and Winnie Couture

A Winnie Couture Dress


Guests checking out dresses

Guests got the opportunity to view and sample some of the delicious food provided by the catering companies. They had a couple of cocktail bars as well as coffee bar by Longshot Coffee.

Females had the option to attend the sexy bachelorette room

Sexy Pink Bachelorette Room

, which had a photo booth, their own cocktail bar (drinks provided by Skinny Girl www.skinnygirlcocktails.com), their own red carpet backdrop

Red Carpet Back Drop for a Bachelorette party

and fun ideas for a bachelorette parties. A photo booth was also available in the main floor for all guests.

Overall, The Wedding Salon was an excellent opportunity for brides-to-be to find the best resources they need to help them plan their wedding all in one day.


Published on Apr 10, 2013

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