Organise the Best Bachelor Party with a Special Addition

Your best pal is getting married and you want to make sure to throw a great stag party to celebrate him and the fact that he's found a great girl. You have excellent ideas, but you feel like something is missing for the perfect party. Could it be female strippers?

How to Plan a Party with Strippers

Yet, how does one go about planning a party with strippers? How do you know when is the right moment to bring them in? How do you keep it "classy" but everything that your friend would want for his last days of being single? Where do you find beautiful and unique strippers for a party?


Following are our top tips for planning the best bachelor party imaginable:


Make sure that you have a good place for the bachelor party where the inclusion of a stripper won't turn heads or cause questions. For example, a bachelor party at one of your bud's flats could be an ideal spot to bring a beautiful dancer to, whereas a public place or venue is most likely not.


What would you like her to do? Do you want her to come playing a certain role, such as a police officer or nurse, or simply prepared to put on a good show for your soon-to-be hitched buddy (and you and your other friends, as well)? Determine beforehand what's the best theme for the bachelor party and have her join in on the fun.


Of course, make sure that it's okay with the future bride. As much as you don't want to do this, because she may say no, the last thing you would want is for your friend to lose his love over something as simple as stripper showing up to a bachelor party. Most women are alright with the idea, but it's always best to make sure.


Do your research. There are some highly respectable ladies working the poles who look at their craft as an art and they themselves are a work of art, but then again, there are some ladies who can be a bit raunchy and not at all what your friend wants to spend his last big bang as a single man watching. Look around, ask around, and make sure that the stripper that you hire is experienced and beautiful. You and your friends will be happy you did.


Book the exotic dancer at least a few weeks in advance. Top strippers are usually booked up for bachelor parties, so if you want quality and to see your friend have a great time, make sure to plan in advance.


In the same vein, be willing to pay more for top-quality. As with most services, if you want the best, you need to be willing to pay for the best. Ask your other friends who are attending to pitch in and be prepared for a great night and a gorgeous stripper.


Female strippers at a bachelor party can be a great addition to give your friend a celebration that he'll remember for months - and even maybe years - to come.

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