Note to Women - The Wrong Ways to Attract Men

Sexy women can attract men's attention, personality women can let men cherished dream. There are so many ways to attract men. But, if you really like him, you should never make the following mistakes.

How to attract men

1. Performance hyperbole

Some women are not themselves in the front of the opposite sex: heavy make-up, wearing revealing clothes, shrill laughter...

2. Indifference

Some women are duplicity: estrangement, keep at a distance, indifference, even find fault and be angry.

3. Play "helpless"

Some women are delicate and piteous in the front of the opposite sex. They think that can arouse the pity of love from men.

Have you ever done such things?


For women, beauty and charm is a kind of natural language, but not deliberate. The charm of women is not in fashionable hair style, or shining and sexy clothes, even or the heel height. It is important that you have confidence, are spontaneous and love your life.

All you really need is the courage to be yourself. You must learn to trust your own spontaneous nature. It is the key to the attractive. If you genuinely concern yourself with others and listen to them closely, that is enough to make him like you. Everything is natural, don’t disguise, and let him see your vitality. Be friendly with friends and family.

Women, of course, also should maintain a certain mystique. Women must grasp certain progress, don't let yourself be understood too fast. Keep your own secrets, and you will make a man full of imagination.

Only the pursuit of inner beauty is real beauty! Enrich yourself, be a woman who think independently and have original ideas. Then, you'll take his heart with the charm but he won't feel it. At the same time, bravely express your joy and passion. You’ll get to know each other better and be more comfortable.


Keep in mind: A happy and honest personality attracts everybody.

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