Ask Yourself These 5 Questions to Find an Engagement Ring She’ll Love

Telling a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with her is challenging enough for men. After all, you’re not too big on emotion, and getting what you feel out of your mouth can sometimes be a struggle. However, what makes the challenge of making a woman your wife or lifelong partner even harder on guys, is the pressure of having to find the perfect ring. There are plenty of guides that will give you advice on how to buy an engagement ring, but knowing which rules apply can be cumbersome.

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Do you get diamonds or gemstones? White gold or rose gold? Should you spend thousands or several hundred? There are so many questions that you have to figure out, and while each of them can be significant to making her smile, what matters most is… that she loves the ring you’ve chosen. This is a ring that she will wear, look at, and treasure for the rest of her life. So if you’re going to pull out all the stops to impress her, you want to consider what is most important… what type of ring will really speak to who she is? Below are a few questions you might consider.


1.  What Type of Clothes Does She Wear? – The first question you want to ask yourself is what type of dresser she is. Since the ring is something that will be worn daily, you’re going to want to select an engagement ring that compliments her style of dress. Does she only wear designer labels? Does she dress more casual like a tank and jeans? Is she more of the business casual type with cardigans and a dress or some slacks? Or is she the bohemian/vintage type of dresser? While a woman who wears designer clothing might expect an extravagant engagement ring style, a woman who dresses a bit more vintage might enjoy something like blue sapphire rings.

2.  How Does She Accessorize? – The ring, though more symbolic than any piece of jewelry she owns, is an accessory of sorts. It is something that will compliment her clothes on the daily basis. So consider how she accessorizes currently. Does she wear a lot of jewelry already? If so, is the jewelry basic in nature or flashier? Is she a minimalist and only accessorizes with earrings and a bow for her hair? If so, you may want to stick to something more simplistic like a solitaire diamond ring.

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3.  What is Her Occupation? – A woman’s occupation should also be considered when it comes to choosing the best engagement rings. If she works with her hands a lot, you’d want to steer clear of delicate ring types and go for something more durable. A woman who is less of a manual laborer can probably wear any ring type.

4.  How Does She Decorate Her Home? – You can tell a lot about a woman’s style based on the décor in their home. Take a look around her apartment, bedroom, or home and see what type of style she has going on. Does she like bold and vibrant colors and patterns? Is she more of a neutral tone designer? Or does she like to mix things up a bit?

5.  What Type of Personality Does She Have? – Another factor to consider when selecting the ideal engagement ring for the girl of your dreams is her personality type. After all, a ring can say a lot about a woman’s personality. Is she bold and outgoing? More laid back and introverted? Or a little of both? Is she a bit materialistic or is she more of a “meaningful” type of person?


At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you’ve selected her as your bride. The size of the ring, how much the ring costs, and even the ring type shouldn’t matter too much if she’s really the right girl for you. However, since she will be wearing the ring for all of eternity, it’s nice to put forth the extra effort in getting her a ring she can smile at every time she looks down at her left hand. Hopefully, finding the answers to these questions can help you in selecting a ring that will simply take her breath away.

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