Will Single Selene continue believing the Bridget Jones/Sex in the City Society is her fate…or will she realize her Goddess Relationship Womandate?

Dear Goddess,

Another New Year all alone.  I'm an attractive, successful, career driven 40 year young woman who has who has a wonderful life…great friends, a thriving business, a great condo, I'm physically fit…and most of the time I love my life…until the Holidays roll around! How can a date on a calendar (i.e. January 1st) make me feel so alone…just because I couldn't get a date for New Years?!?! I really want to have it all, but maybe I should just accept singlehood as my fate…or is there something I can do?

Open and hoping,

Still Single Selene

Dear Selene,

As a former card carrying member of the Bridget Jones/Sex and the City Society, I am here to tell you that, though you may feel alone, you certainly are anything but!  You are part of a thriving population of successful, accomplished women who have everything (money, friendships, success, looks) but struggle with the "man" issue…the last great frontier!  I'll let you in on a little secret…even women who are in relationship with the "man" still struggle with the "man" issue!

However, if we step out of the realm of society and into the realm of the goddess, we can see things from a divine perspective.  The goddess says that your womandate (that's a feminine mandate, in case you didn't know) to have it all!  "All", by the way, from the goddess perspective, is defined as your unique soul desire. So if your soul desire includes romantic partnership, then so shall it be…as long as you are out of your own way!

By the way, this is the perfect time to ride the wave of intention/resolution setting that is going on in the world right now in the spirit of the New Year…an opportune time for you to attune yourself to your own inner goddess guidance, direction and desires.

But first, let's get you out of your own way.  Get a piece of paper and write down all the limited/negative/fear-based ideas you have about yourself, your life, and your future (i.e. "I can't have it all" "I am destined to be alone" "If I'm successful I'm unlovable", etc…

Once you've done this, go for the burn.  Literally, set these erroneous beliefs on fire! 

Once there is only embers where your stinking thinking used to be, recite the following:

Burnaway,  far away
Illusions of old, No longer hold
A place in my mind, heart, body, or soul.
Goddess Queen that I was born to be
Arise from the ashes, and reveal yourself as me!


Now…at the top of a fresh piece of paper, create your own New Year Relationship Womanafesto" write:

I am now allowing into my life _____"

"Fill in the blanks with a list of ALL that you now want to womanafest…all the qualities, intentions, scenarios (i.e. "loving partnership" "passion" "intimacy" "communication", etc…

When you are complete with your list, close your eyes and imagine how you would feel with all of these intentions fully realized in your life. 

From a place of fullness, wholeness, and overflow you are a magnet to relationships that will meet you as the goddess you truly are!  I predict this will be a wonderful year for you.  Remember, it is your womandate as a goddess to have it all!

Happy New You!


Photo by Jenn Moseley

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Human Design Analyst, and Spiritual Counselor who began leading Goddess Queen Gatherings after a life-altering encounter with her inner Goddess Queen.  Kelly is the author of "Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen…an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen" (available on www.goddessqueen.com & www.amazon.com), as well as the upcoming "21st Century Dreamer's Dictionary" (Warner Books).  Kelly's vision is a world where all people are living as Goddess Queens and Divine Kings in their everyday lives.  To turn your relationship drama to phenomena, contact Kelly at [email protected].  For interviews, speaking engagements, private sessions, or information about how you can create your own Goddess Queen Gathering, contact Kelly at:  [email protected]

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