Unique Gift for Goddesses this Holiday Season.

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L.A. Splash is proud to announce our very own Relationship Expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden will be launching her book "Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen...an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen" on Amazon.com!
Mark Victor Hanson, NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul said, 'Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen will turn your drama into phenomena!"  And Reverend Michael Beckwith from the Agape Church of Religious Science says, 'Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen is a guide to every woman who wants to walk as a woman of power, talk as a woman of wisdom, love as a woman of freedom, and live as a woman of valor."  

I spoke with our Goddess Kelly on the phone to find the insiders scoop on what it is to be a Goddess Queen and find out more about her book and its Amazon launch.
Q: What is a Goddess Queen?

A: A woman's best self, her most loving wise enlightened self. It is a blend of two important female archetypes: the GODDESS, which is our high most spiritually awake, loving, and intuitive self. And the QUEEN is our most grounded, practical, and regal self. The Goddess Queen is about womanafesting as in manifesting but in true woman's style, it's the royal part a woman, our best self, our north star and it is unique for every woman. They way the Goddess Queen expresses through us, is as unique as our thumbprint.  Just as there has never been another woman like you' well there is no other Goddess Queen out there like you either.
The Goddess Queen is who you are naturally when you are in love or if you just won the lottery.  It's a heightened way of seeing and being that is accessible all the time' in any ordinary mundane moments, or in challenging moments, which are actually the best and most important times to access it.
I feel that it is important at this time in history or rather herstory that women become their highest and truest self. Whether we know it or not we are all playing an important role in the way civilization is unfolding and it is important that we become the Goddess Queens that we are capable of being, not only for ourselves, but for those who are watching us' and those that we aren't even aware are watching.
Q: Why did you write the book"Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen...an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen" ?

A: I began leading Goddess Queen Gatherings in an attempt to keep my own connection to my inner Goddess Queen alive. There is the reality that gravity is very real, as in it is easier to be sad than to be happy, depressed than inspired, to go down instead of up, so unless you are actively engaged in the energy of inspiration or the blissipline of being your best self, it is very easy to fall into desperation. So, I began ongoing gatherings in my attempt to create a place of inspiration for myself. It was selfish, or self-loving, and I did this in part to keep my higher self alive and strong, as well as to help others do the same. I realized that when we come together in a group, the energy we can create is extraordinary it multiplies, and it is exponential!  
Q: When did you start inspiring others to have their own Goddess Queen gatherings?

A: A friend of mine back when I started the Goddess Queen Gathering wanted to start her own gathering with her friends. She asked me how to do it. She wanted a step-by-step template.  Then someone else asked me the same thing, and I thought hmmm, wouldn't it be fun if there were gatherings all over the world? So, I created my book as a template for others to create their own gatherings. It's a grassroots Goddess Queen movement!
Q: Exactly where is this "grassroots movement" taking place?
A: A few of the gatherings I know about are in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Connecticut, Hawaii, Sedona, and Minnesota.  Also, women tell me that they use the book as a fortune cookie.  They flip it to a random page close their eyes and put their finger on a particular word or paragraph and let that be their inspirational thought, or pearl of wisdom for the day.
Q: I love doing that.  It can be very powerful. I know you always have women bring a journal to your gatherings and I was wondering why?

A: Journaling is a great way for women to find their own pearls of wisdom and inspirations that come from their own higher power. So, I have women bring journals with them to write down those pearls. I want journaling to be something special and treasured. So, I created the Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom Journal. It's a great place for a woman to find her pearls of wisdom. I find in journaling that if we write long enough we will write our way through to the voice of our Goddess Queen.

Q: You've also created a CD.


A: Yes, in every gathering I lead a guided visioning meditation process to help a woman connect with her wisdom and love.  I put together the "Goddess Queen Guided Visioning CD" because women were telling me at the end of gatherings that this visioning was their favorite part and they wished they could have it every day.  With this CD they can listen to a meditation every day or as often as they want. This is something that can be listened to before sleep or even in the car. "Goddess Queen Guided Visioning CD" will remind you of who you truly are, your beauty, wisdom, resourcefulness and intuition.  It helps you connect to your source, which makes you magnetic to the things you want to bring into your life: the romance, the money, the health and well-being, the opportunities, grace and ease to make your dreams come true.
Q: Will Amazon be offering the journal and CD as well?
A: Yes, the journal is available on www.amazon.com and the CD is available on www.cdbaby.com and you can purchase them by going to my website at: www.goddessqueen.com. I've also put these three items together to make the Goddess Queen Gift Set.

Q: What in your background contributed to you being such a supporter of women?

I come from a family of five girls, and I've always felt that being the oldest daughter, you take care of your sisters. I have this natural love for women, and I've always felt the magic of taking care of and being taken care of  by my sisters. When I felt weak, I'd go to them, and when they need me I'm there' it is so delicious to have a support system of women.  Many women tell me that their experience in the Goddess Queen Gathering is the first time they felt support from women, because they normally feel in competition or unsafe with them.  I think that is the experience that most women have.  I think it is part of my mission to show women another way, and to make that way available to them.  

Also, the Goddess Queen gatherings are like a laboratory where women can practice expressing their high self-esteem. It is a place where you don't have to be afraid of being ostracized or stoned for expressing your joy, talent, inspiration and belief in yourself.  In fact, your high-self-esteem is celebrated in the Goddess Queen Gathering. You can practice feeling good about yourself and realize it is not only ok to do so, but that it is necessary.  Because the more safe and secure you feel in being your best self' ultimately you will take your Goddess Queen out into the world, take her shopping, take her into traffic, to the post office, into the board room, in the bedroom, and into all that you do!

Q: It's a new way of looking at things, to support each other instead of tear each other down. Isn't it?

A: Yes, revolutionary. I've also noticed that there is a tendency with most women to bond in a place of pain, which is great and necessary. However, we tend to think that in order to bond we have to be not ok.  The Goddess Queen gatherings show we can be who we are and we can still have friends and be celebrated for who we are, for doing great and feeling great. They give us permission to be our best selves.  It's scary for some women to say out loud how talented they are, or to admit that they are beautiful or to expose the areas of life where they shine. In these gatherings there is a safety net created. It is a space where you can tentatively begin to say and recognize how great you truly are. Because when you admit and recognize this then you are able to more powerfully engage in that and let it come to the surface where it can come out of the shadows, evolve and become something glorious.
It is a way of seeing other women not as a competition or a threat but as a partner. We are in this together and as one of us is lifted we are all lifted.  
Q: And now you are spreading that message worldwide aren't you?
A: Yes and I'm so excited and grateful that my book is on Amazon.com so that it can reach women all over the world.
I am such a firm believer in the principle that when one of us is lifted we are all lifted. I wanted to create this launch in a new way' one where others who support me and whose products I believe in could be recognized as well.  To do this, and just in time for the holidays might I add, I am offering a holiday gift from me to everyone.  When you buy one of my books on December 7th, any time during that 24-hour period, you are entitled to receive over $1,000 worth of gifts, services and discounts on products that support and empower the mind, body and spirit.   
Q: Cool, so if I go to Amazon.com on December 7th and buy your book how do I get my $1,000 worth of freebies?
A: Here is a link to Amazon.com: "Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen...an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen"
After you've purchased your copy of my book send your order number, confirming your purchase, to [email protected], and type in "I Discovered My Inner Goddess Queen Today" in the subject line.
Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with instruction on how to receive your free gifts, services and discounts. This offer is valid for each book you buy.  So if you buy 10 books, each woman you give a book to can receive this offer.  

In addition, you receive a free private phone session (Spiritual Counseling or a Human Design Reading) with Kelly! ($250 value).
Q; Thanks Goddess Queen Kelly. Good Luck and Congratulations on your  Book Launch. 

For more information on Kelly Sullivan Walden go to www.goddessqueen.com

Article by Paula Jessop

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