Understand Men 101 - A class on men

Why do some men want to take care of you and others want to take your clothes off?  Understand how attraction works with both men and women. Learn how me develop in stages and what they need most in each stage. Find out that you have what it takes to attract love and devotion.


Understand Men 101 is a class offered by PAX Programs Incorporated. They say that whether you are married or single, if women want to achieve lasting, satisfying relationships with men, they need to understand them. This enlivening and fast-paced class promises to introduce women to a new way of understanding men that allows them to get more of what they need with less struggle and effort. It answers questions like: How come the men I'm attracted to don't like me? Why do men pursue me, then drop me? How do I keep my long-term relationship fun and exciting?

I was excited to attend this seminar after all what woman doesn't want to be given the inside scoop on what makes a man tick. And with all the titillating titles of other seminars like CELEBRATING MEN SATISFYING WOMEN, CELEBRATING MEN & SEX, and CELEBRATING WOMEN: REGARDING ECSTACY & POWER, I thought well maybe they were onto something. The workshop titles brought up evocative images of sublimely happy women surrounded by ecstatic men.

But I have to say that I was disappointed with the evening. While they did give out some information most of the night was spent in either dropping hints about techniques and ideas which were covered in other workshops or talking about their upcoming workshops. Now to be fair they did talk about men and attraction (but on a level I found very basic, maybe I am just a know it all, self help junky). The class did end up being more of an introductory session than a class, and they have been in business over ten years with many women claiming appreciation and enlightenment. 

I spoke to a lot of women after the class who represented a mixed range of feelings about the evening. There were several excited and eager who had signed up that night for upcoming workshops. Even one woman who was so eager to begin her journey of discovery she was driving to San Diego the next day for the CELEBRATING MEN SATISFYING WOMEN workshop.  The price of this introduction is low - free if you register in advance. So if you are truly titillated about wanting to learn about men and attraction, really all you have to lose is an evening, and you may gain some helpful insights.


Alison Armstrong began giving workshops on understanding men in 1991. Armstrong and a friend were attending a personal growth seminar, when her friend raised her hand and asked the instructor, "Why are men really great in the beginning and then after a while, turn into sports-watching, pizza-eating, beer-belching, couch slugs?"  The man's response was,  "Oh, I see. You're a Frog Farmer. Some women turn frogs into princes. You my dear, are turning princes into frogs."

In that moment, Alison realized she was also "a Frog Farmer", which has forever changed her life. A nationally known educator and expert on understanding men, Alison has devoted her time since then to understanding what women do that brings out the worst in men, and what women can do to bring out the best in them.  What she learned about men was a complete surprise because it did not agree with what she learned growing up a feminist.

Soon after she began studying men, Alison's friends and acquaintances noticed that men treated her differently. They insisted she tell them her secrets and urged her to put together a class. This was simple for Alison, a seminar leader and designer for 13 years at the time, and the program became an original workshop called Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®, which enjoyed its 10th anniversary in January, 2005.

For more information go to: http://www.understandmen.com/

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