Top 10 Celebrities You'd Love to be Married to

Of course you want to marry a handsome man, but what about all those other qualities that are equally important.  You know, like smart, dangerous, emotional, intelligent ...  Let's face it, no one man can possibly have it all so we have compiled a list of the top 10 men you'd love to be married to and reminded you of just how good they really are.

He's been my favorite male celebrity since the day I sat eyes on him.  I even endured the movie "Snatch" to get a glimpse of him.  Puerto Rican born Benicio Del Toro tops my list as my first choice for a spouse. 
Del Toro is dark and dangerous and women everywhere identify with that quality.  He just has a "look" and it's one we can't do without, ladies.


Coming in number two is Johnny Depp.  I mean really, how many men can make an entire audience of movie going women fall in love with a

drunken pirate.  He's got charm galore and his acting just keeps getting better.   Depp has been at it along time, and while his look is eclectic and he doesn't he live in the United States anymore (France is his home), you still have to love him for just being himself - especially in Hollywood where that is almost never cool.


 Mike Myers - Funny man and Canadian Mike Myers is not only my third choice for an excellent spouse, but since he is already married he must be somebody else's first choice.  Either way, who can resist a comedian that can turn into at least two other personalities at will (think Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard).  You just have to imagine that living with Mike Myers would be like a never ending Austin Power's movie.

You just get the feeling this man, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to be able to protect you if you end up in trouble.  For starters, he is 6'4 and that means not too many people are going to mess with him (or you) as you walk down the street.  Never mind that, he is also a good guy with a passion for his charity work at Make-A-Wish.  If that's not enough, he used to be a professional wrestler, lately it doesn't seem like he has the time because of his movies.

At least one man on the list has to be intelligent and witty, or at least look like he is.  Adrien Brody gets my vote for that one.  He can act, sure, but he just looks so smart and seductive. He has been on the brink of stardom for years so he knows how to win a good fight.  The roles he chooses say something about his character and he's played so many types he's sure to have some real knowledge tucked away up there, his last role in "The Pianist" alone could probably keep him talking for hours.

He's a winner in every way in my book; classic handsome, friendly, smart, he might just have it all.  Cuba Gooding Jr. doesn't seem to take life too seriously, but at the same time he seems to be enjoying it.  He makes this list because he is willing to take risks and go with uncertain chances (think his latest film "Radio.").  He's already a good husband and father, but we can still dream. 

He's French, he's French, he's French.  I don't even think he knows a bit of English, but who cares.  This sexy and well-known European actor has been on my radar screen for years.  Daniel Autiel, the quintessential man.  Unless you are a foreign filmgoer you might not easily recognize him, but he did star in "Girl on the Bridge," which received acclaim in America.  Next best thing about him - you can live in France and gaze lovingly into his eyes since you won't be able to communicate any other way.

As the years age him he just keeps looking better.  Who wouldn't want a man that looks like Sean Connery.  Every woman loves something about James Bond and Connery even has that nailed down, for many women he is "the" James Bond.  The other thing that makes him appealing is the number of years he has been married to his wife, the same wife and not a revolving door of unnamed beauties.

If you have ever wanted someone to sing to you, Jon Bon Jovi is the perfect male for that.  Emotional and warm, the guy writes good song.  While he has that look of being a bad boy, reports don't reflect it.  In fact, with him you can enjoy a good concert and still be home in time to tuck the kids into bed.  Can you say rock 'n roll family man.

Of course no list would be complete without George Clooney on it.  He's been named Sexiest Man Alive and it's obvious why.  With Clooney, you can bet you will be taking risks.  He has his own production company, has tried his hand at directing and if that fails he still has something to fall back on; being one really sexy man.


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