Save the Dating Review – Singles with Style

Dining Table Setup

Save the Dating originating in New York and fills the dating need in Los Angeles. This organization joins singles for networking at various events to meet attractive and successful group of individuals looking for that special someone.  These candidates commonly lack the time to find their mate with the financial gloom of late.   Upcoming events include Putting the Sexy Back in Ceramics, Pizza 101 and Sailing 101.  Their premiere get-together called Wine 101, attracted locals for wine tasting at its best.
Entering Goudas and Vines the founder of Save the Date(ing), Hattie Elliot, welcomes the singles by presenting their name tag for mingling and cordially escorting to the bar for a glass of wine. 

Members Embracing Old & New Friends

Guests linger acquainting themselves with their surroundings of a dark wooden bar and cheerful singletons ready to meet and greet and who knows, maybe meet that soul mate you will one day wed.

Guests Mingling

As the night draws on the guests shift scenery.  The long white clothed dinning tables await all a prearrangement of name tags designating seats.   Once situated and the restaurateur explained the meats, cheeses and wines with a savoring demeanor.  Personally, this experience is appealing as guests became friends over a causal dinner party.  

Cheers to Wine Tasting!


After the explanation, a neighbor becomes more than just an acquaintance.  Since everyone feels the urge to meet their neighbor, hearing others socializing is unsurprising.   Members without conversation quickly started discussing the hors’ devours on cutting boards and wines laying before them.  In this particular discussion, these grew into sophisticated talks of the written art.   Chatting up a storm, some are rearranged to meet someone at the other table one might be eyeing all night.  Again the conversation a bit aloof for a minute or two, then one mixes it up with a common interest and conversation booms into foreign travel.  Third times a charm, the guests are reshuffled again and this group refrains from leaving with the alluring conversation of Australians, even when the LA director, Kelli Stember informs members of the party relocation next door at an corner bar, Orange.  As guests dispersed, Goudas and Vines offers a discount on their entire restaurant and many were hooked as they headed to the cashier with their keepsake.   Some chose to continue their night, whereas others seeing their bed-time approaching headed home.  Of course, this is only the beginning as members continue contacting others via their own means.   So are you interested?       

Founders of Save the Date(ing) personally meet with every prospective member to see if they would be a good fit for the group. Those who make the cut, dish out $250 quarterly in membership dues and pay a la cart per event they attend. The vetting system the ladies use is meant to ensure quality in the membership base, and from the event I attended, it seemed to work quite well. For more information on Save the Date(ing) or to apply to become a member, please visit

Photos by Penny Dinn.

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