Picture the Perfect Date - and Then Have One!

Millions of online Web sites claim to have the ultimate pick up guide. Dating tips, seduction techniques, even $50 for a guide that guarantees subscribers will "meet, greet and date" their soul mates today. For the millions of uneasy men and women who can't strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger, John Assaraf has the answer. "Fearing rejection only plants the negative outcome in your subconscious. If you focus on the negative outcome, you're more likely to get one," warns John Assaraf, human performance expert and author of the newly released STREET KID'S GUIDE TO HAVING IT ALL (LongStreet Press, August 2003, $21.95). Men and women can use THE STREET KID'S visualization techniques to have the relationship of their dreams and it all starts with asking the "big questions." THE STREET KID'S GUIDE TO HAVING IT ALL will help you ask those questions, such as, what would the relationship of your dreams look like, exactly? What would have to happen in order for you to have it? What changes in yourself would you have to make in order to have it? "All you have to do is answer these questions," promises Assaraf, "and when you're done, you end up with a really good map -- the map that will lead you directly to your desired destination. Assaraf encourages us to picture and truly hone in on the exact results we DO want in any given situation -- i.e., imagine the woman you approach in a bar smiling and warmly receiving you. She gives you her number, she asks you to call and you walk away feeling great. Assaraf, a.k.a. "THE STREET KID," learned his life lessons on the streets where he escaped small-time gang life after he learned to visualize himself as getting out of it. "We are born into certain circumstances, but that doesn't mean we are stuck in them. We can change our habits and have it all.

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