Mixing Business and Pleasure

Ann Simley 2nd from left with guests.

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from single colleagues and strangers alike is how difficult it is to meet people if you are in the over the age of 35 years old.   For the girls it really should be an easy task if the statistics are to be believed.  There are more that two males to every one female between the age of 35 years old and 50 years old.  Of course quantity is not by any means the entire answer.  The quality of the people you meet is very much more relevant.  If you are uncomfortable standing at a bar or frequenting clubs, where indeed the statistics appear to be more than three to one in favor of the girls, where  can you meet that special person in a relaxed and uncontrived atmosphere?

Ann Simley appears to have come up with the right answer.  With her background in publicity and promotion Anne, in conjunction with C.I.I., presents a monthly and occasionally bimonthly forum under the umbrella of a "Business and Social Mixer".  This perfect hostess certainly creates a congenial atmosphere where no one should feel awkward. You can mingle easily, eat delightfully in buffet style, have a drink or two at reasonable prices, listen to great music, dance or just chat and be sociable.  The big bonus is of course meeting other good people in business in this delightful atmosphere.   It's the obvious answer despite being an exception to the old adage of not mixing business with pleasure.

I was delighted to attend the last event on Friday 3rd October at the elegant venue of the Beverly Hills Country Club on Motor Avenue.  The magnificant entrance complete with heavy wooded doors immediately sets the mood for the evening.

Aimee Gold & Kim Tauber welcome guests.

Ann is a real professional when it comes to this type of event.  Two beautiful smiling young ladies were seated at a reception table to ensure everyone seeking entrance had properly RSVP'd.  The girls greeted me warmly and courteously.

Ann quickly arrived to escort me to the main event room.  It was obvious at first glance that this was a fairly elegant affair.  The bar at 3 o'clock, the complimentary buffet, with hot and cold Hors D'oeuvres, simple but exotic, at 9 o'clock, the band at 12 o'clock and more than a smattering of well groomed and properly attired people were littered around the room in small groups. The dress ranged from smartly casual to suits and ties.   Indeed my first impression was that this was really somewhere were I could meet quality people.  The event obviously catered mainly to the upwardly mobile, established business and professional crowd.

Ann doesn't leave much to chance.  She whisked me around the room introducing me to several people.  My perfect host carried out this particular task with great ease and in a very natural manner making me feel comfortable enough to carry on conversation as she constantly broke away to ensure that no one was left alone.  She eagerly spotted the stragglers, taking them by the hand and leading them to other groups of people and introducing them without a fuss. How on earth does she remember everyone's name?  The mark of a true host!   I'll have to learn her secret.

'The Funkalicious' in the groove...

The group playing that evening deserve more than a cursory mention. They were totally in keeping with the event giving it that "at home" ambience one would expect to find at a statelier affair.   Young and jazzy, these talented musicians played a mixture of jazz, funk, soul and music to groove to. I immediately spotted six instruments, a saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar and drums. The music was played at a volume that encouraged dancing whilst allowing conversation to take place without a strain. All this enhanced the event giving it a very pleasing atmosphere.

Considering their numbers I thought that keeping the volume down was an impossibility these days.  Not so for 'The Funkalicious'.  This was the band's debut making it all the more incredible. I am sure that The Funkalicious will be booked time and time again. Call Graham Hitchcock on (323) 737-6345 or (213) 268-4762 or email on [email protected] .

If you are between the age of 35 and 55 and looking to meet the right kind of people, in a congenial atmosphere, this is definitely the forum for you and the type of event you should be eager to attend. 

C.I.I. and Ann Simley will host the next event also at the Beverly Hills Country Club at 3084 Motor Avenue on Friday November 14th 2003 at 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm.    The Funkalicious will again provide the music. There will be drawings for Free Dinners, make-up by Mary Brando at "Vanity, " plus a hypnotherapy session by psychotherapist, Dr. Deborah Cooper!  Added to all this is a buffet of exquisite complimentary Hors D'oeuvres making this a quality package not to be missed for the lowly sum of $25.   RSVP early to ensure that you are not disappointed as numbers are limited.

Contact Ann Simley on (310) 729-5684 or (310) 553-1331 or e-mail [email protected] to inquire about their marketing capabilities and make sure that you are on her list for the upcoming October and November events.

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