If You Have To Say "I'm Sorry"

"Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult," writes divorcee Mark Margaretten.  "Sometimes, all it takes is an apology."

Mark would know - he developed Mark's Apology Note Generator, an Internet phenomenon with an impressive cult following.  Sixty four million apologetic boyfriends have used the free service since its inception in 1994.

Drop down menus provide users a way to select everything from terms of endearment to acceptable consequences, creating a completely personalized and ready to e-mail letter of regret.  Mark took into account the issues most couples have in relationships to develop his generator, and apologizers can choose from twenty-two common mistakes.

"Dear Darlin'," our letter reads.  "I feel horrible for neglecting to make the deposit.  I was not thinking clearly and thought it could wait.  I'm wracked with guilt and hoping you won't leave me.  Please accept my apology."

Mark also suggests buying roses even when you're not in trouble.

Heavy use of the apology note generator prompted the addition of a female version which "should smooth the rocky road of life by allowing men to anticipate, evade, and privately understand the odd ramblings of women."

If only all relationship issues were this easy.

Mark's Apology Note Generator can be found here: http://www.karmafarm.com/formletter.html

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