GIFTS! Give Singles New Hope this Season - 10 Holiday Mate Hunting Moves and More

With over 100 million singles in circulation, the holidays can be the best time of year for singles to make a love connection. Let Liz H. Kelly,

Dating Coach and Author of SMART Man Hunting, share 10 holiday mate hunting moves and give new hope to daters that there is someone out there for everyone!

By taking action now, proactive daters can make it happen this holiday with the right balance of Guts and Glory. It's about being brave and bold when breaking the ice...and then in the same breath, keeping a smile, sense of humor and being confident, not boastful when making holiday mate hunting moves.

Let Liz share how to avoid sending out needy and aggressive vibes with these 3 holiday hunting success tools:

- Keep it Light with a KISS Strategy
- Don't Rush Things and forget the timeline!
- Love Your Life and don't try to fill a void

There is someone out there for everyone, but you have to position yourself for success by getting out there and taking chances with these holiday mate hunting moves:

- Ask for Gift Advice - Take a Poll
- Host a Holiday Singles Dinner - Where everyone is eligible!
- Double Victories by Volunteering - Expanding your Goodwill and Network
- Roll up Your Sleeves around the Sink - The real party is always in the Kitchen!
- Go for Above-and-Beyond Baking - Be the Talk around the Table!
- Be a Romantic Rudolph…and more

Even though you will bump into a few scrooges who look the other way, it's all about taking chances. If someone doesn't respond with a smile to your icebreaker, remember, just say Next!

Be Brand You verus Brand Hollywood, and just keep dating until the right one comes along. Jump off the Perfectionism Ferris Wheel and give love a chance this holiday! If your wish list is too long, you won't leave any room for romance.

Confidence is the greatest sex appeal out there - not a male model or a push-up bra. Liz is rooting for the Above-Average Joe (Adam the Wall Street Trader) during NBC's finale of the reality TV show "Average Joe" because he is full of spice and everything nice. Melana needs to forget Chizzle Chest Jason (the Waiter)and go for Adam because he is a real deal!

Don't let singles sit home alone for Valentine's Day - encourage proactive dating now.

This holiday...Love actually can be found anytime, anywhere.


- 7 tips to boost your dating optimism...Love your Life, Stop the Comparathon, Lose the Looser Attitude (now featured in COSMO's December issue).

- Don't be a QP (Questionnaire Perfectionist) whose mate hunting wish list is out-of-control…plus how to handle 26 different male personality types when you meet them.

- The Extreme Male Client who is paying Liz to help him find a wife and coach him how to make a love connection this holiday!

- 10 New Dating Trends for 2004...Silent Dating, Friends or Lovers?, Personality Profiles and more ways to get out there.

Author Bio:

Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach, Author of SMART Man Hunting, and Contributing Writer to Her work has been featured on such shows as Dick Clark's The Other Half and Lifetime's Speaking of Women's Health, along with being in Glamour, Cosmopolitan (Dec 2003 issue), Complete Woman (Dec 2003 and Jan 2004 issues) and The Chicago Tribune.

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