Dating Hopeful Stories

We've all heard the stories: he was bald; he was cheap; he got drunk; he threw up.  The list is endless, and singles are inundated with stories of dating tragedy.  And while these tales are undoubtedly entertaining (even we can't resist sharing them--see "Dating Horror Stories"), they do absolutely nothing to instill hope in the minds of the frustrated uncoupled.  I mean, if all we hear are the horror stories, how is a gal supposed to have faith?  How can one resist becoming the bitter, pessimistic single whom, let's face it, no one wants to date?  Therefore, in an effort to balance the scales, we bring you these stories of hope, fate, and finding love when you least expect it.  So read on for your renewed sense of optimism.

Anna-28 and Evan-28


Anna had been single for a year since her last relationship, and, according to her, had been "dating around, but no one good."  And by "no one good," she isn't kidding.  Her last drunken fling had been with a man she calls "Man-Boobs" whom she sent home in the middle of the night when he over excitedly blurted out, "Do you have a condom?" after two minutes of fully clothed kissing.

About three months later, after (quite understandably) losing most all hope in meeting a mate, Anna found herself at a birthday party for a girl from her school.  While she had heard Evan's name through mutual friends and had even seen him on campus, on this night, she found herself face to face with the handsome Evan…and his girlfriend.  Instantly attracted, she asked around, and found out that the couple had been casually dating for a couple months, but were not serious.  Still not one to move in on someone else's man, Anna kept her distance.  However, by the time the party moved to a late-night club, she was picking up the vibe that the attraction was mutual.  When Evan's date got drunk and wandered off, Anna and Evan spent the rest of the night on the dance floor.

By the next time the two crossed paths, two weeks later at a local bar, Evan had already broken off his relationship.  With Evan now single, it seemed the timing was perfect, and the two talked all night. 

Four years later, Evan proposed, and the couple was married last June. 

And what about the coincidental breakup of his relationship right after Evan met Anna?  Well, it seems it wasn't so coincidental at all: Evan later admitted that he had been so instantly smitten with Anna, that he had felt compelled to end his previous relationship.  He further attests that this "love at first sight" quickly changed him from a guy completely disinterested in serious commitment to a man thinking about the future.


So remember, it only takes an instant to meet Mr. Right.  You could feel seemingly single forever, when you turn the corner and--Bam! You find yourself face to face with your soul mate.  Therefore, the lesson to be learned, ladies, is to never lose faith and never lose heart, because your perfect match could be just around the corner.

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