Basics of Dating

Recently, I was at dinner with a friend and the conversation gradually shifted to one of my personal favorite topics, relationships. My friend gently informed me,  ?I want a boyfriend!? Welcome to the city of Los Angeles, there?s so many people yet it can be one of the loneliest cities to live in.  ?Well, what are you doing about it?? I asked as she nervously replied almost with guilt, ?Nothing?

Being open to a relationship is a great start but few people ever take the risk of going any further with that desire.  For me, the first thing that needed to be done was to investigate this new world of dating. What did it mean? I went to every possible resource I could think of and talked to everyone on the subject, those in and out of relationships. Reading several books came in handy and I watched so many movies on love that my video rental store staff came to know my first name. I searched high and low for the answers to my quest hoping to forge my own path of experiences on the road to a successful relationship.

Opening yourself up to the world of dating can be scary and intimidating but can offer wonderful benefits. Be patient. This is the hardest one for all of us. Unless you are looking for something short term wait and be open for a good match. My friend followed with, ?I am trying to get my girlfriends together and go out to bars but most guys in bars just want sex.? Bars are not the only place to meet a potential Mr. Or Mrs. Right. More importantly, be smart, be safe and hang out with trustworthy friends.

Another way is by getting involved in things that interest you is a great way to meet people. Some people volunteer for organizations that  they believed in and started participating in activities. Other options include going to the gym, taking community classes, writing, hiking, yoga and engaging in taking risks socially. Participating in activities that are true to yourself will naturally attract the right people into your life. Networking is also a way to put yourself out there.

Let your friends know that you are looking. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying, ?Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity,? which is so applicable to beginning the journey of dating. It is quite essential in dating as well as life to know thyself and what you are looking for in a partner. Also, make a list of things that you want in a partner and then become those traits. Doing this preparation will make your search more natural and easier in dating the right person for you. Dating life today is an interesting path full of mistakes, wrong turns and victories but it is apart of it. Unfortunately the person of your dreams is not going to show up at your front door step so you need to put myself out there to attract a partner. My friend smiled after our conversation. So go out there and live!

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