Sony NEX-5NK Camera Review - Go On Take the Shot!

The Sony NEX-5NK Camera brings photography and DSLR performance to an entirely new level and is a tech enthusiast and camera lover’s dream!

Sony NEX-5NK Camera side angle

As Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Splash Magazines Worldwide, when I find a service or hidden treasure I like to inform my readers and arm them with as much information as they need to make informed decisions and wise purchases.

I’m a tech enthusiast. I enjoy traveling and am always looking out for a new camera that can from performing in winter sport temperature to attending red carpet events and capturing that spontaneous celebrity moment! I’ve tried many cameras and finally, I came across, recently, a Sony NEX-5NK Camera, and it is worthy of showcasing.

Sony NEX-5NK Camera specs

The Sony NEX-5NK Camera is a tech enthusiast and camera lover’s dream! It gives all the performance of a DSLR in about half the size. The Sony NEX-5NK Camera, a pocket sized, 16.1MP, and interchangeable lens camera made for capturing beautiful stills on the go and up to 10 frames per second.

The Sony NEX-5NK Camera records in full HD and take breathtakingly clear, crisp pictures in low light can capture get beautiful panoramic shots in 2D or 3D. Put control at your fingertips with the highly responsive, conveniently tillable 3.0 Live View Touch Screen.

Sony NEX-5NK Camera

The Sony NEX-5NK Camera can, I feel, take pictures in ways that film cameras never though possible. This camera has a built in Sweep Panorama mode in 2D and 3D, Auto HDR, Handheld Twilight and Anti Motion Blur modes.  It’s an amazing camera!

The new photo creativity interface puts sophisticated controls within reach. Technical terms are now replaced with friendlier and more intuitive terms which allow you to easily create custom styled digital photographs. You can also review changes in real time on the LCD and easily make adjustments.

Sony NEX-5NK Camera flip top viewing screen

The Sony NEX-5NK Camera comes with Sony NEX 5NK camera contents include, NEX-5N Camera BodySel1855 LENS w/Lens Cap; HVL-F7S External; Flash with w/case, BC-VE1 battery Charger; NP-FW50 Battery; Shoulder Strap, USB Cable, application software, Instruction manual.

I can’t say enough about the Sony NEX-5NK Camera.  Usually, in order to capture the shots of SLR photography you have to change lenses, with the Sony NEX-5NK Camera you get a choice of dedicated E-Mount lenses, plus a choice of 28 A-Mount lenses via an adaptor. Those lenses are sold separately.

Sony NEX-5NK Camera back view

Another great feature of the Sony NEX-5NK Camera is they taken the tech instructions and replaced them with more user friendly and intuitive terms which are easily understood and self explanatory all which help create costumed-styled digital photographs. The Sony NEX-5NK Camera also allows you to review changes in real time on the LCD and easily make adjustments.

Sony NEX-5NK Camera fits in the palm of your hand

If you’re in the market for a DSLR, I would re-think and check into the Sony NEX-5NK Camera. You can’t go wrong!

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