Application Review: GIF Boom

What is GIFBoom?


GIFBoom is an application on the Iphone & Andriod devices that creates a short animated clip from up to 30 still pictures. The user decides how many of the 30 still pictures to include in the animated clip and edits the photo by selecting the appropriate filter and frame, adding text, cropping, and/or rotating the clip before publishing it to his gallery. The user also has the choice to designate a GIF to an appropriate channel to display on the front page. The channels are currently as follows LOL, PhotoBooth, Paranormal, Celebs, Artistic and Sport with the expectation that the creators will expand the channels in a future edition. This functionality allows the user to share GIFs with other users and to filter the GIFs to watch a clip that is categorized to the user’s interest. 

Cropping Capabilities


Is GIF the new Instagram?

The social capabilities, as well as the editing capabilities listed above, resemble those of the similar picture sharing site, Instagram. The user’s followers can view, like, and comment on posted GIFs, which are temporarily posted to the follower’s feed and stored in the user’s gallery, which allows the user to save older GIFs overtime. The most popular GIFs are even featured on the front page so that all GIF subscribers can view the cream of the crop. The user can also choose to upload a GIF to other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr or to send via email or text message to share GIFs across multiple social platforms and gain followers. While GIF social capabilities and User Interface design mirror those of Instagram, the question remains if GIF will compete with or complement Instagram. Pictures are still the most popular method to capture significant moments and memorable experiences, but with the internet age, the increasing popularity of YouTube, and the decreasing cost of shooting videos due to smart phones, short animated clips and videos could replace photos in the future. We do not see the world as a still image. Instead, our eyes act more like a video camera, recording every movement.

Home Screen Key

Not quite there yet…

The newest version of the application released fixed a couple issues, such as the inability to open the app and to view past messages, but the app is not bug free quite yet. According to some users, the application continues to shutdown when attempting to message other users and/or stops working randomly. While the application may need a couple more iterations of versions before it operates error-free, the users still awarded 4.5 stars to the current version through 164 reviews, urging other potential users to sign up and start shooting clips.

Buy Rating?

Even though it’s true that the developers need to fix some bugs that exist in the current version of the application, this application deserves a demo at the very least. Why not? It is free.

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