Amazing Wedding Photos

From the candid photo to the out there, there are many ways to do a wedding photography session. However, these 10 photos can offer amazing inspiration for your own wedding session.

The first inspiration photo is of the bride and groom having their first dance - taken by` Darin Collison Photography. With the background in soft focus and the sun seeming to set, the intimacy of the moment and the pure love they have for each other really shows. The feeling of being the only two in the world also shows in this particular photo.

Another place for inspiration is this picture of the ceremony from behind taken by an unknown photographer. When little guests cannot sit still, photo opportunities abound. This little girl wanted a better view of the ceremony, and in the process created a wonderful opportunity for the photographer.

Before the wedding photographs are also a good opportunity for inspiration - as this photograph from Darin Collison Photography shows. Relatives and the couple themselves often have multiple emotions flowing around and they all show up at one point.
Each guest will be excited for the couple, and before the wedding photographs are a good way to capture these emotions. This particular example has a soft focus background and is in black and white. The emotions are not lost, however.

Another good idea for the wedding photography is a picture of the bride with the flower girls and their family - such as in this photograph from an unknown photographer. The children don't often get to participate in a wedding ceremony, so having them participate completely includes photographs! Besides, children make the photos even better. Once the bride has had her turn, the groom can do the same and mirror the photo. That would be fun.

For the bride that has some whimsy in her dress, a picture from the back would be wonderful - as this photograph from TAD Photography shows.
The bride has a corset laced up on the back of her dress, and a stunning bouquet. The background is not completely in soft focus, yet it's not completely in focus either. The door the bride is leaning against and the bride herself are the only things in clear focus. A fun example of how to show off the bride's dress.

For a more traditional wedding from another culture, capturing the fun additions is another idea - as this photograph from an unknown photographer shows.
This Indian bride shows off her Henna tattoos while her dress and bracelets - even her nails - are in soft focus in the background. This technique works well for showing off any interesting aspect to a wedding.

Catching an interesting look is another technique for creative wedding photographs. Darin Collison Photography captures this well with this photograph. Any bride can make a funny face, but it takes a skilled photographer to catch it in time. The soft background and the monochrome scheme add to the timelessness of the photograph.

On that note, catching a bride's funny look to her groom is even better - as Loannis P. Skaltsas demonstrates in this photograph. While it's not as dramatic as the previous, the look is even better because the groom is not looking. Skilled.

For the bride with a sense of humor, maybe she would enjoy being a runaway bride. This photograph from an unknown photographer shows a bride on the railroad tracks. Whether she is actually upset or just pretending, she will enjoy a photo shoot in a place outside the norm. With the picture slightly off tilt, she will adore the photographs in years to come.

Playing with the bride's reflection is a final idea to look at; this photograph from Darin Collison Photography shows the bride's reflection against a window facing a tree. Finding a new way to look at the wedding ceremony will thrill everyone.


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