The Nikon Coolpix S6 - Review

At last! The camera my husband and I have been trying to find for years, is here. The one that is small (measures 100.5X60X21mm), light weight (140 grams), has a large screen (3.0 in LCD screen), is easy to use and is the Nikon Coolpix S6 - a 6 megapixel (CCD) digital camera with a 3X Optical Zoom and 20 megabytes of internal memory.

The camera was inside

Coolpix S6 comes in a small, sleek box, secure but easy to open. The 'Quick Start Guide ' is there immediately and just underneath are two CDs, then the full service "Nikon Guide to Digital Photography". Lifting the protective cardboard cover, there are the adaptor plugs, cables etc. tucked into neat compartments. And there it is the camera, itself, with its large screen.

Referring to the "Quick Start Guide", we find simple, clear instructions. First, we attach the strap and next we insert the battery, which can only go in one way. With the camera turned off, we insert it into the COOL-STATION, plug it in and in less than two hours, the light stops blinking, indicating the battery is charged and the camera is ready to go.

Flowering trees in spring

The first thing is to turn it on. Then find out how it works. After checking the menu, mode, the multi selector, focus, and flash, my husband bravely pushes the shutter release; and there is a picture. Now how do you make it go away? Easily. The next picture is better so it stays. We alternated trying additional features. A 'blurred' message came up once. The landscape and portrait features worked well. But I was stymied trying to take a picture of my friend's acrylic paintings and needed to understand more about the flash.

Trying the portrait feature

Fortunately, Nikon is there to help. It has a web support home page and a 24-hour phone line. I wondered if I could get some assistance in understanding how to take the pictures of the paintings. I tried phoning even though it was 11:00 pm. Rather quickly, a kind and patient real person, a man, answered the phone and talked me through the 'flash' procedures. In fact, the flash needed to be disabled, in order to take those pictures of the paintings.

Redwinged Black Bird

The very kind man also registered the camera for email upgrades. This was so supportive. If I really want to learn even more, Nikon offers full day classes all around the country at various times.

The camera has given us pleasure in capturing spring, our spider orchids and orchids at the Lincloln Park Conservatory in Chicago. We can't wait to learn if it travels well.

orchids at Lincoln Park Conservatory

The Nikon Coolpix S6 is special because:

The Chicago Botanic Garden

It is visually appealing with thin compact dimensions and is easy to hold.

The function can be selected by name or icon. A Rotary multi selector is incorporated into the camera back for high speed image browsing with circular scrolling action at up to 10 frames per second. An on-screen icon with a cursor that tracks rotary multi selector scrolling makes function selection simple.

The Chicago Botanic Garden

One-touch portrait button gives access to face-priority AF, automatically finds and then focuses on faces no matter where they are, in-Camera Red-Eye Fix that automatically detects and compensates for this effect and D-Lighting which improves underexposed images or shots taken with too much back light.

The Chicago Botanic Garden

Pictmotion allows you to select your favorite images and movie files, then pick a style and add a music file of your choice from among 5 preinstalled ones, or load your own. It then automatically puts the elements together to produce a show with pace and transitions that are determined by the music and style. It is great for in-camera viewing. The voice recording is available until memory capacity is reached (as much as 5 hours).

Tne Chicago Botanic Garden

Wi-Fi capability allows users to send images wirelessly to a computer as soon as they are taken or to transfer in one go all images stored in memory to a computer. It is possible to send images directly to PictBridge-compatible printers without the need to use a computer without a cable.

The Chicago Botanic Garden

The S6 comes bundled with Nikon's complimentary PictureProject software and an easy-to-use wireless camera setup utility. This makes editing pictures, organizing shots and sharing images simple.

spider orchids at home

BSS (Best shot selector) identifies and saves the sharpest shot automatically from ten sequential shots.

The help Button provides easy explanations for functions on main menu.

A Blur Warning warns if an image is blurred.

The Menu is available in a choice of 20 languages.

The Nikon website listed the Nikon Coolpix S6 for $399.95, while another website listed it for $368.00

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