Photos Printed From Your Camera Phone

Cell phones are no longer simply used to make calls.  They have become voice recorders, tip calculators, and cameras that do everything but walk your dog.  Now these powerful devices have taken another step by allowing users to print photos without software or pricey extras.

dotPhoto, Inc., the first company to enable camera phone photo uploads, announced a one-button Click & Deliver patent-pending technology that transforms the way camera phones print photos.  All camera phones (regardless of carrier) can now print "cell prints" directly from their phone without any special software.
The process is automatic.   Users take a photo with their camera phone and email the image through their phone to [email protected].  dotPhoto then automatically checks the user's personal preferences, and prints and ships their photos (called "cell prints") on high-quality Kodak paper directly to the user.  To experience Click & Deliver, anyone can join the free service at, set their Click & Deliver preferences under My Account, and start e-mailing photos.  The basic photo-processing price is only 11¢ each for a 3" x 4" camera phone print.  The 3" x 4" print size optimizes the slightly lower resolutions of camera phones while maintaining the camera phone's aspect ratio, so there is no need for cropping.  New dotPhoto users will receive their first 10 "cell prints" free of charge.
Users can determine how many photos they want to receive at one time.  For instance, a person who enjoys taking 36 photos at a time can still get 36 prints at once - all prints are shipped when the 36th photo is emailed to dotPhoto.  Click & Deliver users can also send automatic e-mails to friends or family to invite them to see a group of photos that they have collected from their camera phone on

"Click & Deliver is the easiest way to take photos in history," says Glenn Paul, President of dotPhoto.  "No film to drop off, no wires to plug in - just click! - and photos are delivered to your home.  Photography has never been this convenient."

The dotPhoto "Click & Deliver" application is one of the largest computer systems in the world that can be completely controlled from a cell phone.  For example, users can send a text message to the service to print at any time:  sending "Print" from your cell phone will print all the photos currently in the queue.  

Camera phone photos are also stored free of charge at  Camera phone users who do not want to print can open a free dotPhoto account, and then e-mail their photos to [email protected].  
For more information, visit

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