Kodak v570 Digital Camera Review

Kodak v570 is a 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with Dual Lens which can deliver images as large as 2576x 1932 pixels. .

Dual Lens

It has 2.5 inch LCD screen. The dual lens configuration includes 23 mm ultra wide angle and 3x 39-117 mm Schneider Kreuznach C- Variogon lens, it has 4 x digital zoom. The best thing about this camera is the ability to click wide frames thanks to its dual lens. Comes with 22 scene modes Portrait, Panorama Stitch, Sport, Landscape, Close-up, Night Portrait, Night Landscape, Snow, Beach, Text, Fireworks, Flower, Museum, Self-Portrait, Party, Children, Backlight, Panning, Candlelight, Sunset, and a Custom option and an auto exposure mode..

The Controls On The Top Change Scene Modes

The last mode saves the current settings when you turn the camera off. It has a built in flash with four modes. It also offers a movie mode. It also comes with the Kodak' easy share dock which can turn the camera into a picture frame apart from the standard features like charging and image transfer. 

The Zoom Control And The Joy Stick

  It has an easy to understand interface, with buttons to review, delete the pictures, it comes with an in built speaker for previewing the videos. The lens are covered with a retracing silver cover .The panorama feature of this camera is an exceptional utility to be used while taking wide shots when you switch to panorama it switched to 3.1 mega pixel per shot resolution, When you click an edge of the last shot taken appears on the side of the LCD which makes it easier to align the camera for the next shot, once the three shots are taken, the camera automatically assembles them into one 180 degree image.

Easy To Locate Review,Delete And Flash Controls

It comes with a Kodak built dock which is a very convenient feature you do not have to plug in your charger or USB cable to transfer images and charge the camera, Just place the camera on this dock it transfers the images to the camera and also charges the camera's battery, It can also be used to view slide shows and preview the pictures.

The Dock Can be Used To View Slide Shows,Transfer Images And Charge The Camera.

The LCD is bright enough to be used in exteriors with sunlight and the burst mode also performs well. The image quality the camera produce is good, and the colors are amazing.This camera is available over the internet in a price range of $340-$350. For more information about this product please Click Here

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