Casio Ex-Z1050 Review - 10.1 MP Digital Camera – The First Compact 10Mp Camera Just Got Smaller And Cheaper

Another compact camera on the market, what can this offer over other cameras? This tiny compact camera comes packed with 10.1 Megapixels. That’s twice the MP most people’s camera have. It has a wide screen 2.6 inch LCD. A cool perk is there four different colors to choose from: black, silver, blue, and pink. It has a very solid feel with its aluminum body. The zoom is controlled by a switch that encircles the shutter button. It has a 3x extending zoom. It has the standard antishake lens, Best Shot button, and thin body with all Casio cameras. The retail price on this camera is $269.99 making it the cheapest 10MP camera out.

This camera is a follow up to the previous EX-Z1000, the first 10.1 megapixel compact camera. It now has a smaller body as well as has a bigger and brighter LCD. The Z1000 retailed at $399.99 and now the Z1050 is retailed at $269.00 The body is made of aluminum. The back has a nice thumb grip with 8 dots to help hold your grip while you use your index finger for the shutter and zoom. Casio’s bodies are known to be silm and stylish. This camera follows suit. It is 3.6 x 2.3 x 0.95 inches and is 0.81 inches at its thinnest point. It weights only 4.4 ounces without the battery.

The LCD is a 2.6 inch 14:9 formatted LCD. It is called the “Super Bright” LCD because it automatically increase the brightness depending on how much light it reads is around it. The LCD has a very limited viewing angle. Looking at it other then directly onward gives a washed out look. The extra wide screen leave room for a menu bar on the side while you are taking pictures. This menu bar lets you quickly change settings such as the flash, photo size, focus type, and etc.

This is a unique camera for Casio using the zoom ring, Casio uses mostly two buttons on the back for zoom. This zoom ring was found on the z1000 as well. The zoom on this camera is a 3x 7.9-23.7mm optical zoom which is a 38-114mm equivalent. The maximum aperture is F/2.8 at 38mm and F/5.1 at 114mm. One perk of having a 10MP camera is the use of digital zoom. When you take a picture the zoom bar shows a green arrow where the optical zoom ends, then it shows a red bar where lossless digital zoom ends. That means if you select to take a picture at 5MP it will take a 10MP photo and crop it down to what you see in the screen giving you a lossless digital zoom. After the red bar it will simply do a normal digital zoom which crops the current picture and reduces its quality. You are only able utilize this lossless digital zoom if you take a 5MP picture or smaller.

As with all Casio’s they feature the Best Shot Feature. This is a button located on the back labeled BS. There are 36 Best Shot scene modes from portrait, scenery, food, for eBay, to some fun ones like retro and monochrome, as well as some occasionally useful ones such as business cards, and whiteboards. These best shots help beginners automatically setup options for their shots.

There are various other options on this camera. The focus system has and Multi, Spot, and Auto Tracking focus. The Auto Tracking system will identify the subject of the camera then continue to identify it as you move the camera around or as the subject moves until you take the picture. The ISO can be set from 80-800 ISO. 1600 ISO can be reach if the High Sensitivity Best Shot is selected. The shutter has a default range of ½ to 1/1000th of a second. It can be set to 2 seconds if the Fireworks mode is selected and from 4-1/1000th if the Night Scene mode is selected. The Aperture is as large as f/2.8 to f/5.1 and as small as f/8. It also has the standard antishake for Casio cameras. It can also do a maximum of 7 shots per second in continuous shooting mode but only at 2MP.

Normal Casio cameras all come with a docking station which is required to connect your camera to your computer or to charge the camera. Even it’s predecessor the Z1000 had a cradle. Instead the Z1050 has a separate battery charger. You have to open the camera, take out the battery, charge the battery, then put the battery back in. This is quite tedious. What is nice though it uses a usb cable to copy pictures to a computer, too bad it wont charge the camera too.

Overall if you’re looking for a cheap 10MP camera the Casio Ex-Z1050. Other then that it’s just a standard Casio camera. The 10 MP is a plus since it gives you lossless digital zoom for pictures taken at 5MP and under. Printing at 8x10 you only need a 2MP camera to print at 150 DPI. A good picture would be printed at 300 DPI and you only need 7.2MP

This camera can be found here:



Casio Exilim Ex-Z1050

Street Price (August 07)





91 x 57 x 24 mm
3.6 x 2.2 x 0.9 in




Image Resolution

10.1 MP

Movie Resolution

640x480, 512x384, 320x240

Movie Frame Rate

25.00, 12.50

Focal Length (35mm equivalent)

38 - 114 mm

Zoom Ratio


Digital Zoom Values


Auto Focus Assist Light


Normal Focus Range

40 cm to Infinity
15.7 in to Infinity

Macro Focus Range

10 - 50 cm

Aperture Range

f/2.8 - f/8.0 (wide) / f/5.1 - ??? (tele) 

LCD Size

2.6 inches

LCD Resolution

114960 pixels

ISO Settings

80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600

Shutter Speed Range

4 - 1/1000 seconds

Self Timer

2 or 10 seconds

Flash Modes

Auto, On, Off, Soft Flash, Red Eye Reduction 

Flash Range

10cm to 3.3m (W); 50cm to 1.8m (T)

Memory Card Types


Memory Included (MB)


Video Out


External Connections

USB 2.0 Full (LOW) Speed

Batteries Included

1 x proprietary NP-40 Lithium Ion rechargeable


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