Windows Phone Review - Your Way to a Happier Day

The Windows Nokia Lumia 822 smartphone has a sleek design, and for a PC user like me was very easy to get used to. It's set up much like your computer would be at home especially if you have Windows 8.First thing to do when you get your Windows Phone is to sign into your microsoft live account. if you  don't have one it's easy to set one up. It's important to have your account set up on your phone so all of your phone's data can be stored online in case something should happen to your phone; you won't lose anything.

Start Screen

Now you're ready to start using your phone. you can easily sync your email, twitter, facebook instagram and other accounts you may have to the main screen. Of course you can always add apps from their wide selection. Its very easy to add and remove things from the main screen. making the most important apps big and lesser ones small. All you have to do is hold your finger down on the icon and move it or in large it to the desired location.

App Menu

Like any smart phone the windows phone has a camera. its great for capturing pictures and videos. On  the camera there's a panorama app that allows you to easily capture the whole landscape. The video turns out decent with great sound. At a recent Josh Groban concert I wanted to capture some of the songs for my brother to enjoy since he too was a fan but couldn't be there. It was easy to listen to on the phone which is equipped with great speakers. Which worked out well or when I downloaded Pandora.

(Filmed on Windows Phone) 

Other fun  features on the phone are the Local Scout, Kid's Corner, SkyDrive and Skype. The Local Scout feature is perfect for a night out, a staycation or when you just want to enjoy a spur of the moment activity. he you call upon the Local Scout can tell you great places to eat, shop and play. Even if you think you know your neighborhood you can be surprised at what you might be missing. Maybe you just moved or are thinking about moving to a new neighborhood use the Local Scout to see what is available in that neighborhood.


Kid's Corner

Kid's Corner is perfect or parents with young kids. Almost every kid these days will be playing with mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle’s phone. With Kid's Corner you can safeguard your Windows Phone from little hands accessing apps they shouldn't be messing with. In kids corner add the acceptable apps for your kids. Than they'll need a password to get to any other apps.

Every Windows Phone is equipped with the SkyDrive. Most backup systems require you to take action, but not SkyDrive. It will automatically sync to backup the data such as photos and documents. You might wonder what type of documents would be on your phone but the windows phone has microsoft office on it as well, so any documents you have on your computer you can have on your phone.

Irish Banana Split using Windows Phone Camera

Skype is also a fantastic app to have on your phone. You can skype on the go. So if you want to share the spectacular view at the Grand Canyon, the Irish landscape, your child's 1st birthday or a day at the zoo, Skype on the Windows Phone is easy to use.


Capture of the Irish landscape using Panorama app on Windows Phone

The battery charge can last all day. Go ahead make phone calls, check you email, take pictures and post them on Facebook. Plug your phone into charge at the end of the night and you'll be ready to go for another day of fun. Get the Windows Phone with you next upgrade!

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