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Living and working in Los Angeles today means you need a cell phone that works 100% of the time. What can you do if your cell phone drops calls, has slow or lost internet connection, stuck text messages, poor voice quality, weak coverage, low bars, and other cell phone reception problems? What you need is a cell phone signal booster. That is the best solution that produces definite results and your cell phone problems go away.

How A Cell Phone Booster Works in Your Home

So what is a cell phone signal booster and why do I need one? Simply stated, a cell phone signal booster (also known as cellular repeater or amplifier) is a device that boosts cell phone signals to and from your mobile phone whether at home or office or in any kind of vehicle on land or water. A booster does this by taking the existing cellular signal, amplifying it, and then broadcasting to you. You need it if you are often an area in need of better reception.  

How A Cell Phone Booster Work in your Car

WilsonAmplifiers located in Houston, TX is a major player in the cell phone signal booster market and believes in good old southern hospitality. Signal booster solutions for homes and small offices are often suggested by WilsonAmplifiers.

They carry 3G & 4G LTE cell phone signal boosters for homes, offices, apartments, cottages, farms, and small buildings. To boost voice and text and get faster internet the best solution is to get more signal. And the choices depend on how much signal you need. For example Wilson recommends looking at the size of the space you need to cover.  A single room (5-8 feet): is usually from desktop areas to apartments or medium homes (up to 5,000 sq. ft.): is for the whole house and office. And for large homes (up to 10,000 sq. ft.): covers larger homes and rural buildings.

For anyone who is just beginning to learn about cell phone signal boosters you may need to learn more to help you make the perfect fit for you.  On the Wilson website there is a comparison model guide of the complete line of signal boosters called the Cell Phone Booster Buyer’s Guide.

Wilson Booster in Use

For anyone needing a personalized solution, call, Wilson Monday through Fridays, 9am-6pm Central time at 1-800-568-2723 or fill out the form on the website and they will reply within 24 hours on business days. Certified Wilson Experts are ready to provide the answers and recommendations to any of your questions or comments. Some usual questions are answered below.

Q: Will this work with my cell phone? Yes, cell phone signal boosters work with all mobile phones that use any variation of 2G, 3G, or 4G service.

Q: Does this work with my cell phone company/ wireless carrier/ service provider? Wilson Electronics cell phone amplifiers work with all major North American carriers in US and Canada including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers, Telus, Bell, Wind, etc. For a more thorough list, look at Shop by Provider Guide or email [email protected]

Q: What is my cell phone carrier's frequency? For a complete explanation of frequencies and a simple chart, see the Frequencies by Provider article.

Q: Will a Wilson signal booster provide signal both inside and outside the building? Wilson makes several boosters to improve signal in a vehicle or building. You may get some coverage outside your vehicle or building however our amplifiers are not primarily designed for this purpose.

Q: Do I need an internet connection for the cell phone booster to work? No, you don’t need an internet connection, but you do need an existing cell phone signal. If there is no existing signal, then you’re in a no service dead zone, meaning the amplifier cannot boost what isn’t there.

Q: Is there a cell phone signal booster for my particular need? Cell phone signal boosters are for home, office, buildings, vehicles, boats, and RVs! Whether you’re looking for something affordable or specific, WilsonAmplifers provides a variety of solutions.

Below for a sample of the Wilson bestselling amplifiers for buildings and vehicles.

For Homes, Offices & Buildings:

5-8 feet (desktop) coverage: Wilson 460101 DT4G.

Up to 5,000 sq ft coverage: Wilson 460103 DB Pro 4G

Up to 10,000 sq ft coverage: Wilson 461104 AG Pro 4G

For Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Boats:


Wilson 460106 Sleek 3G

Wilson 460107 Sleek 4G


Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G

Wilson 460108 Mobile 4G

Below are frequently asked questions about cell phone boosters:

Q: How do cell phone signal boosters work exactly?

A: There are three parts to a cell phone booster: the amplifier, an outside antenna, and indoor antenna. The outside antenna gathers the existing cell phone signal. The amplifier boosts that signal. Finally, the inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to the designated area. Outside antennas come in two types, omnidirectional and directional (also known as Yagi). Yagi antennas are useful when you know the location of the nearest cell tower.

Q: What’s the difference between 3G and 4G?

A: 3G handles talk, text, email, and basic internet use. 4G does all of 3G functions plus fast internet. Data-heavy apps and programs such as YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Chrome, etc. require lots of bandwidth, so 4G speeds would be more suitable.

In a nutshell, if you’re just looking to boost talk and text, a 3G amplifier would do fine. If you need fast internet, a 4G amplifier is your answer. Plus you get to future-proof for awhile.

Q: How do I find the nearest cell tower?

A: For the app user, OpenSignal’s Signal Booster and Akelon’s Signal Finder (both on iPhone and Android) are excellent apps with tower locations and compass directions.

For the technically-minded or would want to be as accurate as possible, you can use your phone settings to read decibel (dB) gain. Cell phone signals are measured from -50 to -113, -50 being full strength and -113 being a no service zone. So by walking around the perimeter of your home in field test mode, you can read the dB gain to see where the incoming signal is strongest. Just remember, the closer it gets to 0, the stronger the signal.

Here are the options to display dB gain reading on your phone:

For iPhone: choose phone mode, dial *3001#12345#* then press Call.

For Android: go to Phone settings, About Phone, +Status, Signal Strength

For Blackberry: select Tools, Settings, Status, or Option, Status.

Q: Who is WilsonAmplifiers and why are you different from the rest?

A: WilsonAmplifiers is a proud and leading reseller of Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters. We’re an accredited BBB-business led by industry veterans. 

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