What To Do When your Phone Starts Acting Weird

We've all had times when our beloved smartphones failed on us and started acting weird. Either we couldn't access our apps, or our screen went black, or we've encountered some other technical difficulty that caused us to panic for a few moments before rebooting. After all, a smartphone that can't access the web, open apps or take pictures is.... just a regular phone. And who needs that in the 21rst century.

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But what if rebooting doesn't fix the problem? Plus, the more unusual the technical difficulty, the more unlikely it is to find a quick solution for it ourselves online. Browse the most common bugs and check our tips for dealing with them here:

Screen Burn-In

A ghost image or screen/image burn-in happens when your smartphone screen is kept static for a long time on a single image. The irregular pixel usage creates a permanent "shadow" of that image on the screen, or in technical terms; a permanent discoloration of the screen. This is commonly thought to affect only AMOLED screens but apparently it can also affect LCD displays. To avoid this, make sure that your screen isn't showing the same thing in the same place for long periods of time, especially when charging. Once it happens though, it's difficult to fix. Many app developers promise to make the burn-in marks disappear. Some apps work better on certain devices so see what is best for your smartphone. Keep in mind though that if the burn-in is really bad, no app will be able to completely repair it. But it's definitely worth a try.

Wifi Issue

Some Android users have experienced an unusual technical difficulty that renders their smartphone incapable of connecting to a specific wireless network. Sometimes this can be an obscure network in your location that you wouldn't ever connect to anyway. But sometimes this just happens to be your home or work wifi and then - you're stuck. Whether this bug is something inherent in the Android system or whether it's the wireless networks themselves that are defective, it can get pretty stressful watching your phone go through the same stages in a loop, ultimately failing to obtain an IP address from the wireless network. Luckily, there are various workarounds to this problem that have been found to be successful. They don't actually fix the issue itself but they are good in creating a workaround so that you're still able to connect to your desired wifi.

Weird Noise in iPhone 7

The latest iPhone versions went on sale about a week ago and the iPhone 7 Plus is already reported as being sold out. However, some iPhone 7 and 7 plus users are complaining about weird noises coming out of their device. This issue hasn't been explained yet or commented on by Apple but some experts are saying that the hype around it is entirely exaggerated. In fact, all recent iPhones, iPads and Macs make the same noise to different degrees. This noise can escalate when charging your iPhone for the first time because of all that initial heavy system download and synchronization.

Pictures Not Saved in iPhone's Camera Roll

Several iPhone users have reportedly taken pictures with their camera app only to find out that they weren't automatically saved in their camera roll (or anywhere else). Surprisingly, this bug has actually been present in iOS for a few years and Apple just hasn't fixed it yet. In the meantime, a solution has been found. First, restart your IPhone. Next, take a picture with your camera app in Photo mode. Tap on the thumbnail in the bottom left corner to view the photo you just took. Lastly, tap the share button at the bottom of the picture and send it to one of your contacts with iMessage. Restart your phone and voila, you will see your pictures in the camera roll, just where they should be.

IPhone Pop-Up Message Demanding Users to Change Their Password Within 60 Minutes

Apparently, some iPhone users are receiving messages asking them to change their password within 60 minutes for no apparent reason. And it gets even freakier; after the initial pop up message, a countdown timer is displayed on their screen every few minutes reminding them to do so. Alarming much?

Don't worry. Your phone will not self-destruct if you ignore this message. This bug has actually been around since 2014! To fix the issue, Apple representatives suggest resetting your Safari browser data from the apps menu in the settings app. They've also stated that this bug does not indicate that your iPhone was infected by a pop up virus or other sorts of malware.

At the end of the day, if you find yourself in Los Angeles with a malfunctioning device, it might be enticing to call a technician to come over and repair your phone in LA, or find a phone repair shop downtown or even in a neighboring city. However, before you do either, we suggest you check if what you're experiencing is on our list of bizarre technical smartphone issues, and try to fix the problem yourself with the tips we've gathered above. 

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