The Prong Review - Simplifies I-Phone Charging


While attending the International Consumer Electronics Show- in 2014, I obtained a Prong I -Phone case to evaluate it for consumers.  It worked as described and greatly simplified my cell phone charging activities. It seems that I was constantly running low on battery power for my I Phone.  As result, I needed to always be sure to take I Phone chargcharging gear with me when I traveled.


Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Prong has solved this problem by developing an I phone case that contains fold-out prongs that serve as an always-available charger for your power-hungry phone— no batteries required.  You just have to flip open the prongs and plug the unit into any available plug.


The PocketPlug features two flat-folding charging plugs built directly into the case itself. When the retractable plugs are deployed, mobile phones can plug directly into any two-prong electrical outlet for immediate charging results. The PocketPlug eliminates the need to carry charging cords or bulky battery packs to charge mobile devices. With the PocketPlug, your phone IS the charger.

While it is a bit heavier than most other phone cases, it is worth it. I don't worry about charge equipment anymore. The Prong charger case is available for I-phone 5 and 5-S.  A few may still be available for the 4 or 4 S.Units will shortly be available for the Galaxy phones.

It is interesting to note that the Prong launched the PocketPlug on Kickstarter and receive praise from publications including the New York times, Washington Post, CNET, Gizmodo and Engagdget.

The Prong case is available on Amazon. Com. For more information, check out the Prong at Prong.




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