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The Omma Home Phone System

I’m sure we’ve all been there, regretfully stressing over last month’s phone bill. Well, no longer do you have to worry about your phone bill arriving and going over budget because you made a few international phone calls. Make all the calls you want, even long distance for a simple pennies a day. Introducing OOMA, which is a free home phone service that provides unlimited U.S calling and low rates on international phone calls. OOMA is so intricate it was founded in 2004, but wasn’t released until 2007. Upon its arrival, OOMA had to ensure its features were correct and appealing to its users but first it had to create options and give a valid incentive for users to want to switch phone programs.

The Omma Hub

The interesting fact about the OOMA Phone System is it’s easy to get started and you are able to use it in as little as 15 minutes. To get started you would have to plug in your home phone line and high-speed internet into the OOMA device. You are able to use landline integration or pure internet phone options to use OOMA. This device even comes with a built in voicemail system which can be accessed over the internet via the OOMA Lounge. Once this is done you are able to make crystal clear calls over the internet, you don’t even have to have a headset, and you would just talk into your phone like you normally would.

The Omma Telo Handset

There is a set up fee and bundle fee, however when you take into consideration how much money will be saved throughout its usage the set up and bundle fees become minute. Many people spend over$100.00 a month on their monthly phone bill. However with the Omma Phone System, your phone bill will be cut drastically. OOMA Hub Bundle retails for $249.99 and includes the OOMA Hub, OOMA Scout, and a 60 day trial of OOMA Premier. Outside of these fees there are monthly charges for sales tax which varies by your zip code. However, this price is very reasonable, for example I checked for Los Angeles and the cost was a measly $3.47. Most individuals spend, on average, $10.00 a month on their phone bill after making the switch. When comparing phone services similar to the OOMA, the OOMA is a far better deal because you receive excellent service and features while you will be saving money and energy plus you have many options that other services similar to OOMA do not offer. You are able to use the OOMA anywhere there is a high speed internet connection. This does not limit you to where you will be able to use the device. The OOMA is a standalone device that does not require a computer for operation because the OOMA system was designed to work with a landline backup. If you decide to use the internet for connection and the internet is down, you are able to still make emergency phone calls.

The Omma Hub Activated

The OOMA has the option of changing your phone number which is free, if you’d like to keep your old number there is a small one-time fee that applies. To keep your phone number the same there is a one-time charge of $34.99. All OOMA systems come with premium features such as: US Calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voice Mail. Although routing the calls over the internet, if you decide to connect the device to the internet, safety is the last of your worries. OOMA uses the latest in data encryption technologies and security to deliver secure calls. OOMA uses VoIP, voice over internet protocol, and PureVoice HD which delivers the utmost clarity. I was able to personally use the OOMA system and was taken aback by how user friendly it was and the clarity. This system is very simple to navigate through because it gives you voice operated commands and is also color coded. If the device lights up blue that means everything is good, if it happens to light up red that means that something is going wrong either with your connection or your device.                                     

The Back of the Omma Hub

Overall the OOMA is a huge success! It is equipped with all of the latest technology, gives its users options, and delivers remarkable results at a compelling price! I recommend this phone system to anyone wanting to keep up with technology and the latest invention. You have nothing to lose, and you not only will be saving money but you will be saving time and energy as well.

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