The Jitterbug Mobile Phone Review - Easy-to-use

I am remembering a telephone.   It was black, tall, and narrow and the base sat on a table while I held the receiver to my ear and spoke into the microphone on the standing base.   A person called an operator asked, 'Number please'? and would connect me to the person I wished to speak with.  It was amazing!

Fast forward 2006:  Just like everyone else, I can make a phone call while I am eating in a restaurant, riding in a car, or taking a walk! My Jitterbug is amazing!!  I think it was designed just for me!  It fits into my hand so comfortably and the numbers are large and very easy to read.  There is a 'yes' and 'no' button (for on or off) rather than strange symbols, and a pad around the ear, which is both soft against my head and it also diminishes nearby sounds.  When the flip-open design is flipped closed, I can press a button and a light makes it easy for me to read the time and date.  Voicemail collects my messages, and the phone informs me when I've have missed a call with a printout on the screen.  Unlike my kids' phones, my own telephone number isn't a mystery, but is printed out on the surface of the inside of the phone so it is easy for me to refer to and to give out.  Dialing is made easy because the buttons are large and easy for me to read.  As I dial a number, it appears in brightly lit, extra-large print on the screen.  Other features I appreciate include the familiar DIAL TONE I hear when the phone is ready for me to place a call, and the fact that when I speak to my son across the country, he is able to hear me with amazing clarity, adequate volume and with NO beeps and blips!   There is even a way to dial by voice recognition, which I may play with some day, when I can get one of my great-grandchildren to help me!  The easy numbers, the many conveniences, and the beautiful simplicity, are important for me because I am almost 93!

From the perspective of a daughter, it is a pleasure to know my Mom can have the convenience of her own portable phone that is so user friendly!  "Jitterbug," is a unique combination of handset and service that is created to be easy-to-use. The design is targeted towards baby boomers and their parents who are looking for the freedom and convenience that cellular technology offers without the complexity of current handsets and service. 

It is easy to see that someone gave careful, personal attention concept and to the features that would be a  part of this Samsung handset.  With all of the sophisticated technology the Jitterbug is as simple as a cell phone experience can be. In addition to the larger buttons, easy-to-read text, a comfortable ergonomic shape and ear cushion, the Jitterbug personalized services include an easy way to retrieve messages, a live operator for call-related support, and toll free secure access to a personal phone list from any phone.
In addition to a conventional 12-button direct dial model, Jitterbug also offers a model with three oversized buttons. This model is especially useful to very low use, safety-oriented users, especially older or disabled consumers. A user has the same live operator call-related assistance button. A direct dial 911 button calls for traditional emergency service. The other button can be custom programmed for the service a person most wants readily at hand, ranging from tow service to reception at their assisted living center or an in-case-of-emergency number.  It adds to our peace of mind to know that Mom has her 'Jitterbug' at hand.

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