Short and Sweet Roundup of the Best Smartphones of 2013

There have been many smartphones introduced this year. Here are my basic observations of winners and losers.


Beginning with the most unsuccessful introductions of 2013, in January of this year, I have to say that the Blackberry z10 takes the biscuit. As a blackberry it was probably the best phone that the company had produced to date but poor marketing confused messaging and little consumer advertising led to poor to non-existent sales. It also had no keyboard, something that the blackberry cognoscenti desperately wanted but were not rewarded with until the introduction of the q10 much later in the year, some might say too late to hold onto their fans.


The Blackberry q10 was the new bb10 phone with a keyboard. Unfortunately, the styling of this phone was a lot thicker than the previous last model called the bold and the keyboard just wasn’t as well designed as the bold’s keyboard was. This phone while being an excellent device did not capture the imagination of its fans and coupled with even less marketing fell into obscurity almost before it was introduced.


The Blackberry z30 this device was probably the best phone blackberry has produced and at the same time, best kept secret of the year. It’s what blackberry should have introduced at the beginning of the year and would have had a winner on its hands. Coupled with 10.2 version of the OS made it a truly surprising design. It is really well designed, and well built – fast and has a superb user interface. You can power a small Romanian village with the battery in this baby. The only issue with it is that it is only available though one carrier Sprint. So if you are not a Sprint supporter you won’t be able to obtain it in North America.


Motorola Moto – Motorola’s first smartphone after being acquired by google. This was an excellent phone, packed with functionality and the best part was its low price. Packed a lot of punch for the price. It feels good in your hands, doesn’t slip or slide around and has a quality feel to it.


HTC1 a great phone that looks great, has amazing speakers in it that will blow your socks off and the quality manufacturing gives it a great finish. Frankly, it looked a lot like the blackberry z10 but with a larger screen and more apps (android) it was a very good phone.


The Sony Xeperia Z1 was a nice phone but was probably built to appeal to the body-building community because it weighed a ton. So you could do your daily weight-lifting curls just by making a few calls. An interesting marketing feature that was not fully capitalized by Sony. Think of it as getting fit while sitting on your can at your office desk and making phone calls, a powerful message easily overlooked. It was also waterproof so you could take it in the shower or with you on that all important daily swim. Or if you really need to get in touch with someone while you were diving off your local coral reef, this would be the phone for you!


Iphone 5s as opposed to 5C which I though meant “c” for “cheap” ended up standing for, “color” the 5s though was the one with the finger scanner and ios7 (Apple’s OS rebuild) made it fast fluid and a very mature smartphone. The only issues with it were that its screen size was no longer competitive with the other larger-screen’d phones from the android camp. If Apple could get its next iphone with larger screen or support miracast to squirt the screen UI to a HDTV or Monitor then they would have another disruptive phone just like its first iphone.


Google’s Nexus 5 built by LG is a great phone. “5” because it is the 5th in the generation of the Nexus series of phones. Fast, great build quality, 5” screen phone and low cost


Samsung’s Note 3 suffered from funky fit and finish. It was slippery to hold has a huge and screen that you can server cocktails on, quad-core processor that makes it fast. It also has long battery life, and takes great pictures. BIG SCREEN….we are a small jump towards a tablet or Phablet.


Samsung’s s4 is the companies “throw everything at it including the kitchen sink” device. Powerful fast with a quad-core processor, full of all the latest functionality and big screen that you can use as a paddle-board. Great fit and finish. I have seen a lot of happy people walking around with this phone, because of the screen size and clarity of the screen itself.


Happy Holidays!


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