Pure TalkUSA Review - Same Service for 70% Less

I received a Galaxy Note 2 to review. I absolutely love the phone. I chose AT&T service because it works by far the best for me living in the Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. The combination of the Galaxy phone and the AT&T service was a real dream. Sadly all good things must come to an end and I lost my AT&T service. Well I wanted things to go on as they were and checked into what unlimited voice and text, and a data package would be from AT&T and was shocked to find that it was $120.

I had a dilemma, I wanted to keep my AT&T service but did not want to pay that much. So I thought it would be clever to find out who offers service using the AT&T towers at a more reasonable price. I'm very happy to report that my research turned up Pure TalkUSA. They use the same towers that AT&T does but their unlimited text and talk with 1 GB of data is only $43.95 a month. So with no need for a contract on a month-to-month basis for less than half the price I was able to get the same service as I would have with AT&T.

So the first step was to go to the Pure TalkUSA website and order a SIM card. The micro-SIM card was only $4.95. In just a few days the SIM card arrived, I opened the back of my Galaxy, took out the micro-SIM card that was there, put in the new SIM card and was off to the races. 

Pure TalkUSA is a nationwide provider.  Their no-contract phone plans are designed to fit today’s budgets. Their plans start at only $10 a month for the occasional talker. The unlimited talk and text packages are available at rates less than half of the big national brands, with “no sacrifice in quality.” Their Flex Plan enables consumers to adjust calling plans on a monthly basis, and unlike many no-contract providers, Pure Talk customers may use their existing phones.

“Pure TalkUSA’s affordable, easy-to-understand cell phone service plans are simply better than the rest. Pure Talk offers customers the flexibility to switch plans as often as they’d like to meet lifestyle and budget needs. Prices include all fees.”

The Unlimited Plus+ Plan is only $43.95/month. You can talk and text as much as you like, as well as, check your email, surf the Web and send/receive pictures as well! This plan features unlimited talk and text, 1 GB of data, and 600 MMS (Multi Media Messages). If you use more than 1 GB or 600 MMS, you will receive an additional block for just $10. Additional blocks include 100 MB of Data and 100 MMS.

Other plans include the Unlimited for $34.95 a month, for unlimited talk and text. The Flex which starts at $10 a month for 130 minutes, and unused minutes roll over and never expire. Additional blocks of time may be added as needed, and you can set a maximum monthly spending limit. The Family Flex is the Flex plan with family and friends; just add up to five lines for $5 each, and receive 60 minutes per line, per month.

If that’s not enough they also have a customer referral program.  When you refer your friends to their no contract mobile phone plans its rewarding for you.  If you are on any of the Flex Plans you get 202 free bonus rollover minutes.  If you are on an Unlimited Plan you get $10 Credit towards your monthly fee.  “Tell-A-Friend about why we have the best no contract cell phone plans around!”

“Pure TalkUSA operates using the nation’s largest GSM network, which offers the coverage and reliability of the big, name-brand wireless carriers – at a fraction of the cost.”  

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