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With technology always on the rise the importance of face to face communication because a thing of the past. Having a personal one-on-one conversation has become frowned up especially since you can just send a quick text message with your favorite emoji to show your 'feelings'. Thanks to the new application,, a revolutionizing art of communication that has created a platform for people to engage in deeper, meaningful conversations. 


Founder of, Jeff Schwartz. Courtesy Photo

Created by Joel Schwartz, is truly changing the way we communicate. While we know nonverbal modes of communication like texting, instant messaging, and emailing are here to stay, is enabling people to invest in and build more meaningful relationships and take conversations to a deeper level. It is also allowing users to stay connected with popular celebrities as well.  


A recent New York Times article stated, “If you don’t regularly exercise your ability to connect face-to-face, you’ll eventually find yourself lacking some of the basic biological capacity to do so.” When we’re not having real life conversations with people, we are lacking key parts of a communication and aren’t able to pick up on things such as sensing a sense of approval or disapproval and it’s easy to misunderstand what is being communicated as a result of not hearing inflections in someone’s voice that let us know how the message is meant to be interpreted. We can all attest to misinterpreting a text message or email and wondering for days what the person really meant, but we don’t always ask to clear it up.


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The platform can currently handle 100,000 simultaneous connections and can quickly scale to many millions. Since its launch, has reached 2.4 million total downloads and over 450K monthly users. It is even projected to reach 100 million users in 2017! 

About Joel Schwartz:

Joel Schwartz is the founder of—the first and only Social Talking Network. Parlor connects people that share the same interests, want to talk about the same topic, and do so in a one-on-one private conversation.  It’s a great place to connect with friends and make new ones!  Popular discussion topics include politics, sports, advice, religion, music, games, celebrities, and much more.  Parlor offers users the ability to connect on a deeper, more personal level than other digital social networks.


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