Nokia Lumia Repair - Palco Telecom Redefines Possible

Heartbroken does not adequately describe how one feels when they break their tremendously expensive phone. It is not just a device – for some, it is a connection to the outside world, best friend and in my case, soul mate. So when the brand new Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone smacked itself face down on pavement while walking Main Street in Downtown LA, my heart fell out of my chest and smashed onto the ground along with it. Picking the device up with a held breath and semi-silently whispering “I hope it didn’t…” turn phone over … “Break.” The screen was shattered and subsequently the LCD was broken so badly that while at first half black and green; it quickly faded out completely. Bursting into tears followed by a stunned silence that last three days, I had my doubts as to whether it could be repaired at a price sufficient for my budget – because let’s face it, I have no budget to fix the $750 Windows device proffered by Brett Schulte Consulting who seeded the device into the market under Nokia for celebrities, inclusive of a two month service contract from AT&T.

Searching for a repair service, it was a Google search and subsequent first response decision. Palco Telecom in Huntsville, Alabama rapidly responded, “anchored by 25+ years of servicing leading-edge technology” and a Nokia authorized repair center, utilizing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Valued for their superior customer service, Palco Telecom ‘pride themselves on the relationships built and the services provided…. Each partner feels the individual attention to detail, business flexibility and sense of urgency applied to [their] products,” a philosophy Patricia Dingle - acting customer service manager - embodies every step of the way, from explicit directions on the best way to ship the phone to the status of repair.

The customer service experience was incomparable to other services offered locally. I simply shipped the Lumia with fragile packaging to Palco Telecom. They promptly sent a repair quote via email, available online responded with updates as to the extensive service they were implementing in regards to the care and repair of my phone. Demonstrated on the expansive Windows Phone repair, technician Richard went further than replacing the damaged components, expanding his expertise service in replacing the casing as well as the exterior glass screen and broken LCD. The estimate was approximately $151 for both with standard turn around in 5-10 business days or less.  All repairs have a 90 day warranty, implemented due to Palco’s confidence that the phone will operate and exceed customer expectations after conductive functional and RF testing at their Quality Department . They repair most wireless OEM devices including Apple iPhones, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung.

The customer service was impeccable with UPS shipping and a trace key provided when Palco repaired and shipped my phone back. They have a 98% satisfaction rate and retain an advantage over other repair centers due to certification by Underwriter’s Laboratories to the ISO 9001:2008, and TL 9000 standard. PALCO obtained initial UL ISO 9002-1994 certification in 1998; TL 9000 in 2005; and ISO-13485 compliant since 2006. All product quality is verified against the original equipment manufacturer’s specific quality requirements and all workmanship is performed to IPC standards.

Palco Telecom is more than a repair center, it is a global company redefining the reverse logistics field with innovative conceptualization of solutions in “remanufacture, reconfiguration, recycle/reclamation, related services, integration, and failure analysis.” Working with state-of-the-art tools in a quality-conscious environment, in-house experts are dedicated to repair service programs to meet customer’s SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements. Palco Telecom offers the most comprehensive repair and logistics solution available.

For more information go to the Palco Repair Center website.

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