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iPhone 6S Specifications - A New Apple Mobile

By Kristan Weebs

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the smartphones that has been doing well from the launch. But it is true that every person wants something new and exciting. These days, Apple fans are seeking something new that will come in the series of new iPhone. To be awaited for the next flagship of Apple, they are curious to know about the specifications and what kind of features the new iPhone will include. The new iPhone will come in the market as iPhone 6S. There are lots of rumors heard about this new mobile, see what they are:

iPhone 6S screenshot 1

Design specifications

It is clear that the new iPhone will belong to S series. It is expected that some of the features and specifications are still same of the previous ones iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In fact, the design of this new model appears as the previous ones. Moreover, there might be an addition of chassis to the design. One will be able to get this smart phone in different color options. You will feel a slight change in the weight of this model because there are many parts, which will be going to include as an addition to the previous ones. This device will have 4.7’’ or 5.5’’ screen sizes, which seem similar to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It means that you will get no change in the screen size along with the same resolution. In this manner, a buyer can get the iphone 6S best deal by making some proper assumptions.

iPhone 6S screenshot 2

What would be the features?

Of course, the company will include some new features that can make you excited. The changes are important otherwise you will not be going to even think about it, if you will not get some worthy. A9 chip or 2 GB RAM memory will be some changes that might have seen in the processor of new iPhone model. When you talk about the camera, the device will include a 12 MP rear camera with sensors, and many others. The OS will be of new version, that is, iOS 9, which will be interesting to see.

The weight of this smart phone will be lighter as compared to previous ones, making it a handy piece to carry. There might be a Force Touch Display feature in this device.

iPhone 6S Screenshot 3

Release date

Based on the history of Apple device, one can easily assume the release date of the next model, which is imagining being available in the market. When you see the previous launches, it is clear that this new iPhone series model will launch in the month of September or might be early days of October. To know more about the new iPhone 6S, one can go online and seek for expected features and specifications, which might make you curious about it. The iphone 6S contract deals will become high because the demand of this new iPhone has become also elevated because of Apple fans.  By having features handy, one can compare the upcoming and existing models to see whether a new one will worthy to buy or not. 

Published on Jun 12, 2015

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