Apple's IPhone 6 & 6 Plus - Exciting New Products!


APPLE IPHONE6 – Opening day Excitement! 

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Patrick Tuntland from Bergen, Norway first to Own!


The excitement in the air was overwhelming at the Apple store in Palo Alto California, Steve Jobs hometown. It started 3 days before the event with people camping in front of the store to get the first ever large screen Iphones 6 and 6 Plus released by Apple. 


Apple Store Palo Alto, California

Apple Store


I arrived at 7:00 am, one hour before the doors were to open to the largest attended event in Iphone history.  The line stretch around the block with the numbers well in to the hundreds.


Media and the line up for Phones



Then as if there wasn't enough excitement in the air, Tim Cook, the CEO from Apple, just appeared out of nowhere and walked the entire line of customers waiting. He greeted the crowd, shook hands, and took selfies with those anxiously waiting to get their hands on the new phone. 


Tim Cook with the crowd



At 8:00 sharp Tim Cook opened the front doors and the place went mad with cheering both inside and outside!


Tim Cook - CEO opening the doors.


Patrick Tuntland, from Bergen Norway was the first to buy the IPhone 6 Plus.  I talk with Patrick who was on vacation.  He was so excited his hands were trembling as he held his prize! 


Patrick Tuntland talking with the media


“We don’t even have an Apple store in Norway and so this is extra exciting for me. I love the feel of the phone with the rounded edges and the balance, it's beautiful! 


Patrick Tuntland with his new phone


I was fortunate to meet with Tim Cook and as I am now writing in Bangkok, asked him when the phone would be coming to Thailand....  he said with a big smile "soon."  


Feature and Photography - Daniel Herron Copyright 2014

Special Thanks to Apple for the product photos and information link. 






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