5 Ways to Safeguard Your Smartphone

In recent years, detection of threats in the mobile arena have been on the increase. Whether you use an Android or iOS based smartphone, it is vital to prevent your personal and other confidential information from getting into wrong hands. Even when your device is not stolen, your data may be accessed by a remote thief if your device is not adequately protected. The following tips will help you safeguard your phone.

Download Apps From Trusted Sources

You should only download apps that are from reputable sources. It is always better to use official stores like Google Play for Samsung smartphones or Apple App Store for iphones. Before downloading, read comments from users and confirm that it is a legitimate application. Avoid being the first to download a completely new app to your phone. You should also take time to read the permissions required by the app instead of accepting all of them blindly. Why should an ordinary game want to gain access to your contacts?

Handle Unsolicited Text and Emails Cautiously

Be smart and delete any suspicious text and email messages. Some may even appear to come from people you know. Don't tap on any embedded links or any strange phone numbers. Spammers and scammers are constantly targeting phone users with spurious emails, sms and phone calls. These can give them an opportunity to lock your phone and even extort money from you before unlocking it. 

Use a Passcode

New phones will allow you to lock them with a password, PIN code, pattern, or with a fingerprint login. If you take time to activate this properly, and you protect your login details, nobody will be able to access your private data without your permission. Of all the options available, a thumbprint scan is the most convenient. 

Set a Remote Wipe

If your smartphone gets stolen or misplaced, you can lock it remotely, wipe the data clean, or display a message on it. You can also use an online map to track it. But all this must be set up before it is lost. The best free services for this are Android Device Manager and Find my iPhone. Bear in mind that it is always safer to work with law enforcement authorities to retrieve a stolen phone instead of attempting to find it by yourself.

Use an Antivirus App

Android users, in particular, should protect their mobile data by using antivirus and security software. These apps will help you to protect your phone from viruses and malware. Some powerful security apps will also protect privacy settings and scan any app you want to download and install. Some can help to snap the photo of anyone who wants to login into your device if it gets stolen. In addition, it is also essential to maintain a regular backup of your data either in the cloud or on another computer or server. Also, be very careful while working on a free Wi-Fi hotspot that could be set up to gain unlawful access to your data.

With these simple tips, you can protect your smartphone and ensure that you don't lose vital information to hackers, and data thieves. If your device gets lost, take steps to report to relevant authorities immediately.

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