5 Ways of Recycling Your Old Mobile Phones

People love their smartphones, and it’s not easy to resist the urge to upgrade every year or to buy another one whenever a newer model is released. This contributes to many extra phones either lying idle or being dumped at the landfill. So what can you do with the old phone when you get a new one?

Besides, most electronics contain materials that shouldn’t be left in the common dump site. Such substances include PBC, mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, and many more. A much better approach would be to repurpose or recycle your old phone.

1. Give it Over to Someone Who Can Use it

If your phone is still usable, perhaps the best way of recycling it is to sell it or give it over to another person who could still use it. Remember, what is trash to you could be a treasure to another person. Check with friends and family members if your old iPhone could be useful to them. Personally, when I can’t sell my mobile, I prefer giving it away rather than sending it straight to the local landfill.

2. Turn into Portable Gaming Device

If you have an old phone that has lots of internal memory or an expandable memory card slot, you can easily turn it into a gaming device for yourself or even for the kids. You can, in fact, buy a gamepad and load it up with some more of your favourite games. You can also make your old phone into a child-friendly entertainment gadget by easily going to your settings and lock it down. Given the new and amazing game releases on iOS and Android, this is definitely a more cost-effective option than purchasing a Nintendo DS or a brand new PlayStation Portable.

From the settings menu, turn off access to whatever you don't want the child to access or fiddle with such as the camera, web browser, location services, the ability to delete/install apps or even make in-app online purchases. This is probably one of the simplest and easiest ways of repurposing your old Smartphone, and certainly, the kids are going to love that.

3. Security Cam Network

Rather than spend good money in buying and installing several security cameras around the house, why not simply use your old Smartphones? You don’t need to be too tech savvy to improvise on this as it’s easy and they work brilliantly. There are two ways of going about this. One, if yours is a Smartphone you can download and use apps available on most mobile platforms. Alternatively, you can manually set things so that the type of Operating System (OS) doesn’t really matter.

4. Donate to Phone Charity

It may perhaps not be worth too much, but you could consider donating your old phone to a charity that could benefit from every coin that comes their way. They may sell it or give it to someone who needs it in another part of the world. There are lots of charitable organisations that accept such items like cellphone donations.

5. Sell Back to your Phone Carrier

The majority of major cellphone carriers generally buy back the old cell phone to refurbish or recycle the device. Some may even be willing to give you some little cash for the device straight up while others may use the amount as a discount when settling your next bill.

Although you can still get some money for that old phone that has been gathering dust over the years in your drawer, you stand to earn more for recent iPhone models that can be sold again or refurbished.


Human beings are capable of unbelievable achievements. We have progressed from using stone tools to the amazing compact computers that we now carry around in our pockets. One other thing humanity is also great at is trashing our home, the planet. If we don’t do something about it, our entire planet will soon turn into garbage heap that contains dangerous items.

The only viable solution lies in recycling, and when it comes to phones, the suggestions described above offer some hope instead of trashing them! If none of the above options are viable for your case, you may consider sending it to the local recycling centre that also deals with electronics. At least, if I can’t sell my mobile, I Will be contributing to environmental preservation by doing that.

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