4 Great Reasons to Use Caiman Leather for Exotic Leather Projects

Leather products that are made of crocodile skin are sought after across the world. Many people are willing to pay any price to get an authentic crocodile shoe, handbag, belt, or wallet among other products. Many designers prefer to work with the America alligator skin in their exotic leather projects.

However, the reality is that many of them do not know the potential benefits of using caiman leather.

The alligator skin is soft and this makes it easier to work with on leather projects. Caiman leather, on the other hand, is the boniest of all crocodile skins. Hence, many designers are reluctant to use it because it is rigid and difficult to use in their leather projects. Why should you choose the rigid caiman leather over other softer hides? The four major reasons are outlined below.

  1. It is cost-effective

One reason why every designer should consider using caiman leather is that it is more affordable compared to other crocodile hides. Many designers go for either American alligator skin or Nile crocodile skin. Both choices are good but their prices are high. The price of caiman leather is a fraction of the prices of the other two alternatives. Hence, designers can charge a fair price for their products and reach a wider market.

If you are considering this line of business, caiman leathers offer a cost-effective way of joining the industry. You can grow your market share by charging fairer prices for leather products if you can identify the cheapest tanneries in your area or state.

  1. It is readily available  

If you want to buy a genuine crocodile wallet made of the American alligator skin, you may have to wait in line for months and sometimes years. The prices of such products are high because of the high demand across the world. One reason for the short supply is that the crocodile skin is rare. If you have sold fashionable wear before, then you know that timing is everything. You do not want to keep your customers waiting for years or months for a trending item.

Caiman skin is available throughout the year. Hence, you can assure your clients of a constant supply of exotic products. You have many suppliers or distributors to choose from like Bikerringshop and negotiate for the best prices. You will get enough caiman skin and in different colors to complete your project. Working with the alligator or Nile crocodile skin limits you to a few projects in a year.

  1. The skin is rigid

Some designers view the rigidity of the caiman leather as a disadvantage while others use it to their advantage. The rigidity works for products that need the skin to maintain its shape. For instance, hard-case handbags require a rigid or hard crocodile skin to stay in shape. The stiff scales of the caiman leather make it perfect for such products. The skin has calcium rivets that enable it to stay in shape.

You may need to put in extra effort and time to work with a rigid skin. However, the structured appearance of your exotic products will be pleasing to you and your clients.

  1. Caiman has distinctive ridges

One of the reasons why a man can pay a high price for an alligator men’s wallet is that he is looking for something unique. Unfortunately, those products have a long waiting list and high prices as outlined earlier. Caiman leather has distinctive and deep ridges. The boniness of the leather gives it the unique ridges pattern. Hence, you can make outstanding and competitive exotic products if you work well with the skin.

Caiman skin has calcium-skin deposits that give the skin a patterned effect. The effect may last even after dyeing the skin in different colors. The distinct product is almost impossible to achieve with other crocodile skins. One way that designers use caiman skin creative is through horn back cuts. You can put the distinctive back scales in the middle of the hide to create a unique product. The horn back cuts work well when designing crocodile boots.


You can save costs and create exotic leather products with a distinct look by using caiman leather. You are assured of a constant supply of caiman leather through the year and at affordable prices. The skin comes in different colors as well.

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