Top 5 Gifts for Your Dog This Christmas

Christmas is coming and you probably know what you’re going to buy for all members of your family. What about your furry family member? Your dog may not know that it’s Christmas, but he or she surely deserves a sock full of gifts as well! Funny toys, comfy beds, Christmas-themed trinkets, snacks, gadgets and accessories – there is an abundance of wonderful items on sales. We recommend you choose a gift that will entertain both you and your pooch and brighten up the holidays for the whole family.

Here are the top 5 gift ideas to make your dog the happiest pet on Christmas morning!

1. New bed and blanket



If you didn’t get your doggy a quality and comfortable bed already, now is the best time to do it. High-quality beds come in many styles, materials and sizes. Choose one that’s big, soft, durable, heated, made from natural, eco-friendly materials and of appropriate size.

Here’s one more interesting bed model that’s suitable for small dogs and cats – a sleepypod in which you can transport your pet wherever you want. They are washable and stuffed with orthopedic foam for support.

If you want to spoil your pooch all the way – get warm and beautiful matching blankets and pillows. We recommend the red tartan pattern – it’s Christmas after all!

2. Christmas-themed toys

One of the best ways to celebrate with your dog is giving a traditional toy that will remind you that it is Christmas. Find a toy that will depict your favorite winter characters: Santa, reindeers, elves, penguins, snowmen… You’ll surely find an abundance of toys at extremely affordable prices and discounts.

We recommend toys that can be reused – those that are fitted with a water bottle for example. This way, you can replace the bottle and your dog will be able to nibble it again and again. If you want your gifts to have a personal touch, there are lots of DIY tutorials about crafting holiday pet toys on YouTube.



3. iFetch

Here is one gift that will make your dog stay fit after all those Christmas snacks! Your pup probably never gets tired of playing fetch – but you may, even if you enjoy it a lot. There are many cool fetching gadgets on the market, but this one is possibly the greatest of them all. The iFetch is a device that will solve the problem of being too tired to play with your dog. You can use it inside or outside, since it runs on batteries and it may be plugged into a socket.

This tech device hurls mini tennis balls (3.8 centimeters in diameter) up to 9 meters away. It also features a receptacle where your dog puts in all fetched balls. However, this device requires a bit of training – your dog needs to learn how iFetch operates. Unfortunately, there is no model for big dog breeds yet, but manufacturers are working on it!



4. Cute Christmas costumes and accessories



Here is one amazing idea for those who love costumed Christmas parties. Your pooch can be the life and soul of the party with the help of a Christmas-themed costume and accessory. Workshop Elf Dog Costume is one of the best things we’ve seen so far. This wonderful costume will surely turn your dog into Santa's cutest elf.

If you think that this is a bit too much, get a holiday-themed collar instead. Complete the outfit with knitted Christmas tree socks your doggy can wear or just fill them with gifts! If you’re a fan of hand-made gifts and you’re skilful with needles, knit a Christmas sock or make the whole elf costume by yourself. Trust us – it’s quite easy!

5. Gift boxes

Some manufacturers have special dog gift boxes on sales that contain everything your pooch may need. Houndworthy is just one of such packages and it includes five extremely delicious Christmas treats that will satisfy even the most refined doggy tastes.

BarkBox is one of the most popular gift boxes at the moment. They send monthly boxes full of gifts – toys, bones, treats, hygiene products and gadgets. There’s one special reason we loved this idea so much – it’s as humane as it is creative, since a portion of the money from every box sold goes to dogs in need. 

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