Paradise 4 Paws Review - The Perfect Place for a Dog Vacation



We left Dexter Cutler, our 18-month-young wire fox terrier with the wonderful group of human friends and specialists at Paradise 4 Paws while we went to meet our newest grandchild in Washington DC.   Dexter was invited as a VIP guest at Paradise 4 Paws in exchange for an honest review about how he was treated, played with, cuddled, and loved by this unique group of friends, as well as the other dogs he played with.


We received Doggy Reports and were able to see him in action from a live cam in his Presidential Suite. Honestly, my life didn’t revolve around worrying how Dexter was doing each day, as I instinctively knew he was in the best possible doggy hands.


Top dog and owner Saq Nadeem, who was just written up in the Chicago Tribune’s Business Section in a major favorable article, has set up several Paradise 4 Paws all close by major Airports.  What a brilliant concept!  He also posed for a great photo with Dexter dog!


Next year, when I go on future tours for my upcoming book, ONCE UPON OUR TIMES: 65 Years Growing Up Baby Boomer

(, before I board my plane at O’Hare International Airport, Dexter will be dropped off for one or more days at Paradise 4 Paws. That’s a given.  Now both Dexter and I will have the best, most relaxed times when he stays at Paradise 4 Paws.


July 12, 2013  5:30pm

This afternoon, I took Dexter for a Nature Hike. I went to his Suite to put his leash on and he was exhausted already from his morning playgroup! Once he saw that we were going for a walk, he bounced off of his bed and came running at me, tail going a hundred miles per hour. We got outside and he was very interested in the birds, grass, cars and even the rocks; what a funny guy! Along the way, he would stop to sniff flowers and trees and was always attentive to where I was. Dexter had a great time on his Nature Hike today – he’s going to love it here in Paradise!                          - Megean

July 12, 2013   10:00pm

After potty breaks this evening, I went to Dexter’s Suite for his Cuddle Time. He was standing at the door like he knew I was coming! I sat down on the floor and he was so excited that he jumped in my lap and was licking my face and wiggling like crazy. Once he calmed down, he sat next to me and eventually moved to his bed to lie down. I sat with him for half an hour just petting his head and helping him to fall asleep. After only about fifteen minutes, he was out cold! When Cuddle Time was over, I quietly got up, turned off his TV, said goodnight, and headed out. He sure was tired from his first day at Paradise 4 Paws! So many new friends and activities!                            - Alex


July 13, 2013  11:15am

Splash Lessons are always a fun time and I was excited to introduce Dexter to the pool and get him to swim a little bit! I woke him up from his mid-day nap and brought him to the play area to potty before his swim lesson. I put on my tall boots and got some treats to entice him to the water and we were ready for his first Splash Lesson! I called Dexter over to the water and, although he wasn’t really excited about the idea of going in, he got in the water slowly and walked off the bottom step all by himself! We did a couple laps around the pool and I lifted him up a few times so he could practice his doggie paddle. He was a trooper for his Splash Lesson and I think he ended up liking it! Plus, what a great workout! He was absolutely ready for another nap after our pool time.                         - Dya


July 13, 2013 1:00pm

As I was doing my rounds giving out lunches today, I got to Dexter’s Presidential Suite and had a delicious peanut butter- filled Kong ready for him. I walked into the room and he could immediately smell the peanut butter…yum! Once I put the Kong down on the floor, he jumped on it and started biting at the peanut butter right away – didn’t take him long to figure that out! I came back around to check on him a couple minutes later and he had already gotten all the peanut butter out – pretty impressive!                                   - Rich


July 14, 2013 10:00am

Today was Dexter’s grooming appointment. I arrived at his room around 10:00am to walk him to the Grooming Room; he was very excited for another adventure! While he wasn’t too fond of getting a bath (most dogs aren’t!) he did enjoy getting his hair cut. He stood very well and liked it when guests in the lobby would come over and talk about how cute he was! I shortened his hair a bit and cleared away the hair around his eyes – a nice summer cut for the warm days ahead. He really was a pleasure to work with today and I know his parents will love his new hair cut!        - Hilary


July 15, 2013 9:00am

I came to pick up Dexter from his room this morning and, wow, his hair cut looks adorable! Dexter and I walked to the Massage Room, where I have comfortable beds setup and some soothing music – just like a human spa. For the first couple minutes of his Massage, he was a bit confused about what I was doing. But once he realized how great the massage felt, he melted into my hands. At one point, he was falling asleep sitting up; head bobbing up and down. I worked out some tension he had in his shoulders and back and by the end of our thirty-minute massage, he was a mushy puddle of relaxation. Dexter really enjoyed his first massage and if he could talk, I bet he’d request another one very soon! Great meeting you, Dexter!                        - Alexia




Paradise 4 Paws is the perfect place for a dog vacation – for the dog and his extended human family. Price-wise, Paradise is compatible with most other dog day care and vacation stays.  One key difference from many other alternatives is that Paradise 4 Paws offers every animal its own Suite, on the ground, rather than a cold-hearted cage (which both Dexter and I try to avoid at all costs).  There is a full range of sizes of each Suite – and Dexter was offered the largest, a Presidential Suite fit for a King!  The “extras” are worth it if you want more than the twice-daily exercise times. 

As I mentioned before, when I’m out of town flying high, Dexter will be at the O’Hare Location of Paradise 4 Paws.


Reach Paradise 4 Paws at either O’Hare or Midway Airports by calling 847-678-1200 or emailing [email protected].


There is a new Paradise 4 Paws at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport plus expansion plans in the works near other airports in America. Paradise 4 Paws is located near both of Chicago’s major airports.

Paradise 4 Paws is located near both of Chicago’s major airports.


Photos:  Courtesy of Paradise 4 Paws







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