Just Food For Dogs – Changing the World of Dog Food for the Better

Mainstream dog food has come under scrutiny lately for the poor ingredients and low quality of the store brand products. Finding the right dog food is a puzzle and luckily Just Food For Dogs, the world’s first dog kitchen, has come up with the solution. Dogs, like humans, can have special dietary needs and Just Food For Dogs has created custom formulations at their three Southern California locations to make sure your dog eats as good as you do.

West Hollywood Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs will open in Sherman Oaks in late August, joining the current West Hollywood and Newport Beach kitchens to provide nutritionally balanced, whole food offering. So what differentiates Just Food For Dogs from other dog food manufacturers? Just Food For Dogs literally prepares the food for your dog in the same way that would expect it to be prepared for you. They use a commercial, human-grade kitchen to create food that is perfect for daily use by healthy dogs and they also customize formulations for dogs with special dietary needs. All food and treats are made entirely from USDA/FDA ingredients certified for human consumption and cooked to the minimum allowed temperature to preserve the maximum nutritional value. There are no preservatives or fillers included in any of the recipes, making the meals as nutritious and healthy as possible. Compare that to what you buy in the store and well, there is no comparison.

West Hollywood Just Food For Dogs

Five completely balanced whole food recipes make up the primary daily food menu at Just Food For Dogs.  These meals feature custom blended human-grade nutrients specific to each recipe; they are made fresh and then instantly frozen to maintain the highest nutrient bioavailability.  Recipes include Lamb & Brown Rice, Beef & Russet Potato, Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Chicken & Rice and Fish & Sweet Potato, flavorful combinations that dogs happily consume.  Specials, such as the holiday Pork Tenderloin & Fuji Apple recipe, sell out the day they are made fresh.

“Just as we have learned that nutrition plays a critical role in human health, the same is being discovered for pets,” said Dr. Oscar Chavez, a veterinarian and professor of canine clinical nutrition who leads the canine nutrition team at Just Food For Dogs. “Pet parents should understand they have a direct influence on one of the factors that matters most to their pet’s health: nutrition.”

A recent 12-month study authored by a professor of veterinary toxicology at Western University Health Sciences demonstrated that feeding dogs whole food diets instead of processed kibble boosts cells of the immune system, and could result in improved health. Dogs in the study were fed lightly cooked meals from Just Food For Dogs.

For canines with compromised health, there are remedy formulations designed to provide support for a variety of conditions including liver and kidney disease, cancer, dermatology issues, and more. Just Food For Dogs recently provided a recovery diet for Bruno, the police K9 who was shot in the line of duty, as he healed from his injuries, so if your dog has any issues bring them in and see what type of special diet they can create for your dog to assist them with their health issues.

Just Food For Dogs also has some great pre-made meals and the whole food dog kitchen features a “Do It Yourself” kit with recipes and formula specific nutrient blends to balance the meals. If you are really looking to have a happy and healthy dog in your home a visit to Just Food For Dogs will make sure your dog gets the food that is right for their specific dietary needs.

The Sherman Oaks Just Food For Dogs store will be located at: 13900 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, additional locations include West Hollywood at 7870 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046 and Newport Beach at 500 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663.

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