Hope for Paws - Four-Legged Houdini Escaped a Life of Abandonment to Find “Hope”


Some may say unexplainable tricks that leave an audience surprised could pay attribute to an illusionist’s success. Others may say that stealthy escapes are at the forefront of astonishing magic tricks. At less than two-feet tall, one furry, four-legged magician was able to single-handedly escape from the numerous traps set by individuals at The Port of San Pedro by using only his physical speed and quick thinking. There’s only one fitting name for a dog this clever–Houdini.


Living a life of fear


Houdini spent two years dwelling on The Port, fending for himself, picking up pieces of food left for him by The Port’s security guards. Unable to snatch the dog themselves, the guards called upon Hope For Paws to bring Houdini to safety. Eldad Hagar, co-founder of Hope For Paws, and his volunteers, rushed over to San Pedro to rescue the dog said to be “impossible” to catch.


Hagar’s team constructed a cage trap for Houdini to fall into, but the little magician was too smart to succumb to such a simple deception.  They needed a Plan B. The group gathered in some troops the next day to set up nets and temporary fencing in efforts to keep Houdini from slipping away. Unfortunately, the very fast and agile animal continued escaping, and the clever dog remained untouched.


It was time to bring in an army and set Plan C in motion. Hope for Paws suggested The Port secure the entire vicinity. Once the area around them had been Houdini-proofed, it was time to pursue the little escape artist once again.


Hours later, intensity at its peak, Hagar captured the pup with a slip-free leash pole, and then volunteers covered him with netting to ensure he wouldn’t escape again. Houdini jolted his body around while chomping in every direction. He was scared and confused, and Hope for Paws had to proceed with caution. 


One of The Port’s security guards, approached the group to see Houdini, a distant friend he had been looking after from afar. “Let’s clear the space for Mike for a second to come in,” stated Hagar. “He knows Mike. Maybe he can calm him down,” Hagar turned to the guard hoping Houdini will feel better seeing a familiar face “He knows you more than anybody.”


“My first time,” stated Mike as he began to pet Houdini. “It’s been two years waiting.”


Houdini's new beginning


Houdini’s whole demeanor soon changed. He was calm, and the look on his face resembled that of a smile. He had not felt any human touch or affection in approximately two years. Once he was settled, he was transported with Hope for Paws to their local vet, where was treated and cared for before going to Rescue From The Hart, another local Los Angeles organization who was fostering and looking after Houdini until the right forever home is found.


Ready for love

Hangin' with his new friends


Houdini is just one of hundreds of lives saved by Hope for Paws. The nonprofit group continues rescuing animals suffering on the streets, and every donation helps them continue their mission, saving animals, giving them hope for a better life.


Photos courtesy of Hope for Paws.

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