Healthy Spot Costa Mesa – One Year of Treating Your Pets like Their Own

Healthy Spot in Costa Mesa celebrated its one year anniversary with a pet-friendly celebration on Saturday, January 31st. Healthy Spot is unlike any other pet store, their bottom line isn’t the almighty dollar, their bottom line is caring for you pet and after one visit this will become like a second home for your pet.

The celebration brought out every size and breed of dog you can imagine as they mingled and sampled a variety of some of the healthy food that differentiates them from the other pet stores. If you are just grabbing something of the store shelf and feeding it your dog or cat, well a little education lesson might be in order for you. Healthy Spot is just the place to get educated as they have a staff that themselves are educated in what is the best food for you pet and what to look for. Simply go into Healthy Spot and ask and you are likely to find out numerous ways to make your pets life happier. From reading labels of pet food, to understanding what impact the food you are feeding your pet has on them, to keeping their teeth clean and finally how to avoid an ear infection. That is just the beginning and Healthy Spot only carries a few lines of dog food because simply, they only carry the best and highest quality for your pet. After hearing about the ingredients and looking at the labels, I was actually a little envious of the quality of food that was on the menu at Healthy Spot.

The great food lineup at Healthy Spot

Daycare at Healthy Spot

The Healthy Spot day spa and styling salon sets them apart from everyone else as well. While other pet salons are trying to get your pet in and out so they can move onto the next one, Healthy Spot is more concerned with treating your pet like on their own and making sure they feel comfortable during the process and leave happy and like they just had the best experience of their life. It clearly works as Healthy Spot has plenty of returning pet customers and you can see how much they love coming in as they are extremely excited and friendly when they walk in the door.


The salon experience begins with how they approach their dog, making them feel safe to comfortable before the process even begins. Then it comes to the shampooing process, while most pet salons have a handful of shampoos, Healthy Spot has up to 40 varieties to make sure that they are using not only a safe product, but the one that is most appropriate for your pet. The process is more than just a shampoo, throw in a conditioning treatment and a massage and your pet will be loving life. From there you can add specialty cuts, teeth brushing, nail grinding and an oatmeal treatment package. Healthy Spot can design any type of salon experience for you pet.

Before - A Shaggy Sugar

After - A Pampered and Happy Sugar

Beyond just making your pet look and feel good, the staff is so knowledgeable they can help you with your pet beyond their Healthy Spot visit. My own dog Sugar was in for a spa experience and after he was finished they were able to tell me that I should take him for a veterinary visit because of an ear infection and internal gland problem. In addition to that helpful knowledge, they were able to take a very fidgety dog like Sugar and make him feel at ease and calm for his entire experience.

Healthy Spot core values

Healthy Spot was founded by friends Andrew Kim and Mark Boonark in 2008 as their solution to what they felt was a lack of quality pet products and services with a more personal appeal. The duo decided to leave their hedge fund and advertising jobs behind to open the first Healthy Spot store in Santa Monica and with the success of the first location, and the overwhelming acceptance of the local pet community, they followed with stores in West Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Costa Mesa and Long Beach. In addition to the stores, they launched a full-service website, making Healthy Spot approved products available to pet owners nationwide.

The Honest Kitchen

The vendors who participated in the celebration included; The Honest Kitchen, offers dehydrated boxed pet food, Primal Pet Foods, which offers raw frozen and freeze dried food, ZiwiPeak, a 100% natural pet food from New Zealand and Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co., which donates 20% of proceeds to local rescue initiatives. Healthy Spot was also raising money for I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue by selling raffle tickets for great pet gift baskets.

I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue

For more information visit Healthy Spot

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