Dog Days of Summer 2014 Review – An Air Force Base Offers a Great Day for Dogs


On Saturday, September 20, 2014, the swimming pool at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia was closed to the public but open for dogs to take their last swim before Dog Days of Summer 2014 officially ended. When I heard what was happening at the pool, I had to make sure Splash Magazine didn’t miss out on this Doggy Splash Day.


Aim High in the United States Air Force - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


"Now, how was your Air Force Day, Boss?" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


I was met by Ms. Kim Shephard, the attendant when entering the swimming pool gates warning “we have to keep the gate closed because they may run out in the street”. 


Life Guards on Duty, Retired Master Sergeant Sharon Royster and Ms Kim Shephard - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


When the dogs would enter, they were given a dog treat instead of a ticket. One dog was bold enough to come back three times for a treat and Ms. Shephard told the doggie “now, you need to go home and eat”. Everything that was in reference to the dogs reminded me of little children at play.


"I'm the King of this Jungle Pool" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


"Do I need to make this big splash?" -Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


As I walked around the pool, all I could do was laugh and smile at the dogs enjoying their last day of summer.  Some dogs were trotting around the poolside like they were showing off their latest bikini, while others were diving into the water, dog paddling, wearing a life vest, and sometimes acting scared of the water.


"No! It's this way to the diving board" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


"Didn't I tell you not to go in that deep water" says Shannon Bradshaw to Lucy - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth



Macy, appeared to be afraid of the water but his owners, Benjamin and Britany Bryant  said  Macy was afraid of other dogs and people, because he was once traumatized. He was taken and placed in the dog pound until a rescue organization took over.


Macy, a former Foster Care Dog relaxing with her owner, Britany Bryant - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


Afteward, he was placed in three foster homes for dogs, when the Bryants adopted him. After 4 months with plenty of love from the Bryant’s and their 6 year old son, Aiden, now Macy is gradually learning how to relax and be fearless.


I laughed at Kenneth and Laurie Bressler when they put their dog, Lady in a life jacket vest and she didn’t like it.  Once they took it off, Lady did her natural thing, dog paddling to swim and biting at the water. That was hilarious.


Kenneth and Laurie Bressler assist Lady in her life jacket vest before she breaks away to start dog paddling on her own - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


A passenger drove by the pool smiling and laughing, wishing he had time to rush home to get his dog, but the pool was going to be closed by the time he returned.


"Don't get out yet, I'm coming in" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


After a hot-fun-sunny day at the swimming pool, dogs were chilling under the shade trees, others were shaking off the pool water, while some were being pampered by owners that dried them off with their towels.


"I read the sign don't use the restroom in the pool" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


Baby "Princess" being held after skinning dipping - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


When the dogs and their owners exited the gates, they left with big smiles and thought it was a great idea to allow the dogs to swim and have fun before they drain the pool. Retired Master Sergeant Sharon Royster, Operations Manager at the Air Force Services Clubs said it was her boss’ idea to sponsor this successful event. 


"Help me get out of here" - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


Now, that the Dog Day Summer of 2014 has officially closed, we will have to wait until next year for the dogs come back!


Doggy Day at the Pool - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth


In the meantime, an owner suggested Robins Air Force Base should get a Dog Park for the dogs to enjoy throughout the year. All I know, if my dog Dusty of 16 years was still living, I would have had him turning flips and somersaults (acrobatic stunts) in that water.


Dusty Sudderth (June1969 - Feb1985) (16 years old) and Renee Sudderth - Courtesy of Renee Sudderth (Jan 1985)


Dusty running around Heaven's Blue Pool - Courtesy of Katrina Shannon, Executive Director of Life's Big Pictures


Copyright © 2014.September This story written and photos by Renee Sudderth for Splash Magazines. It is not to be sold or reproduce without written permission of Renee Sudderth


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