Catty Stacks Review - It's all About the Cats

Catty Stacks - Your Cats Will Love Them

As owners of two young cats, we are always looking for toys that entertain them. So we were thrilled when offered the opportunity to review Catty Stacks products. Catty Stacks are square, modular blocks that are easily combined together to create many different shapes and sizes of cat climbers and condos that cats will love. We had tried similar units in the past, but they were much less durable, didn't hold their shape well, and used velcro as connectors, which tended to pull apart. Catty Stacks are a reasonable price, $14.99 per module. They are also available at many retail stores, including PetSmart stores.

They have received considerable industry recognition and many excellent customer reviews.

Our cats, Mac and Bear, took to them right away. One began exploring even before we had them fully set up. He sniffed around the two boxes we had constructed and then went inside. He had a good time looking out of one of the boxes:

Mac looking out of the box

And then a better time looking up, through two floors of boxes!

Mac looks up from the bottom of two boxes


We quickly assembled all the modules. Catty Stacks come in five different colors: Snow White, Sky Blue, Chocolate Brown and Pistachio Green. They come in pink also. All the colors are neutral and mix together well. The modules were easy to put together and the design made a lot of sense. There was none of the frustration of trying to figure out how parts fit together. The tabs all fold under, so they don't show. The connectors are metal clips, which hold the boxes tightly together. When complete, the entire structure had a clean, uncluttered look. The sides have cut-outs which can be left in place for a smaller opening, or pressed out for a larger opening. Panels with the holes near the edges are stacked at the top or bottom so the cats have more room to sit.

After we had the boxes fully assembled, our other cat, Bear got in the act.

He climbed to the top of the second story, and struck a pose. 

Bear knows he is handsome

Then he  went inside a box and peered out:

Bear is curious

Mac still wanted to play:

Mac on top of the completed stack

Both cats had a great time with Catty Stacks, but there are many other reasons to buy them.

Catty Stacks are:

  • Eco-friendy: they are made of recycled, recyclable, vegetable-based inks, reusable hardware, minimal packaging
  • Economical and less expensive than cat furniture of similar size
  • Easily configurable into unique shapes, and with mix and match colors
  • Durable and suitable for multiple pets up to 20 lbs each
  • Flexible, as they are easy to use and replace over time
  • Attractive, and fit with an decor
  • Fun for children (or adults!) to decorate

Additionally, they are made in the U.S.

It was fun to set up the Catty Stack modules and arrange them, but if you have cats, you know it's all about the cats. And cats love them.

Bear and Mac playing


Catty Stacks

Catty Stack Website

Find a store: Store Locator

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