Urine Gone! Review

When was the last time you heard the words 'piss off' and smiled?  Here's your chance.  If you have messy pets (or even an incontinent spouse, lover, parent, or child), you've found the antidote. 

The complete kit

This non-toxic stain and odor eliminator not only sports a great name -- it works.  Urine Gone!™ is safe for carpets, litter boxes, wood, tile, sofas, or beds, and helps offenders from re-marking their territory.  Its enzyme action formula combines odor neutralizers, odor encapsulants, and a surfactant.  Unlike other products whose enzymes digest without encapsulating, Urine Gone!™ surrounds the enemy, until it is completely digested and its odors neutralized. 

Black light finds what you're looking for

We sampled Urine Gone!™ on my friend's aging Labrador's work.  Under the scrutiny of a scientific black light (included with the 24 oz. bottle) all traces of senile canine business were eliminated.  Why bother with soap and water (doesn't work), or cheap imitators?  Pick up a bottle of Urine Gone!™.  You'll be glad you did. 

For more infromation click www.urinegone.com/

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