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Enter UrbanTails and you will discover a store that re-defines the traditional pet supply store-for better.  Although from the outside it may look like a boutique, walk through the doors and you'll encounter a sprawling 5,000 sq foot zen-like loft space with suspended track lighting, warm colors, wide aisles, and a calming Koi pond to hang out with your pet. 

The Store Outside

What makes UrbanTails unique is not only owners Zack Grey and Karena Martin's attention to the customer experience but the premium human grade foods and the Green Zone: a section of the store devoted entirely to eco-friendly products.  From beds, collars and toys to foods and grooming products, if you wanted to shop exclusively "green" for your pet then you can do so at UrbanTails.  The store carries a wide variety of supplies for dog, cat, bird, fish, small animal and reptile. Celebrities who've frequent the store include Ellen DeGeneras, Portia DeRossi, TR Knight, Jennifer Jason Lee, Alicia Silverstone, Joanne Cassidy and members of Maroon 5.


 Both owners have extensive experience in the animal world.  Zack Grey is founder of  UrbanTails.net, a dog obedience and behavioral company featured on Daily Candy.com, and Karena operates WAGS, a “runs and recreation” service specializing in socialization and canyon hikes.  Their client list ranges from college students to Hollywood celebrities who come for the unique and hands-on experience.  Regardless of their clients, Zack and Karena believe that dogs don’t care if they live in a gated Beverly Hills estate or a studio apartment. “All animals have the same basic needs - and if those needs aren’t met then behavior problems ensue,” explains Zack. The pair met years ago, teaching group obedience classes in the parking lot of the now closed “For Pets Only”. As word-of-mouth spread and their success grew, they realized the need to grow to a bigger space to accommodate their following.

The Urban Tails Sign Outside

“It was always our vision to create a unique community to address the real needs of pets,” Zack explains. “I wanted “Urban Tails” to reflect that vision: a store created by animal lovers – for animal lovers”. Continues Karena: “What makes our store really special is that we cater to clients who really care about their pets. We offer eco-friendly food that’s affordable and really good for your animals. Basically, most of the pet food here I could eat myself. Pet owners feel comfortable knowing that.”

Plenty of Supplies

That vision was realized at the the former 20/20 video store on Beverly and Gardner. Together, Zack and Karena rolled up their sleeves, designing, painting, scrubbing and clocking in countless hours of manual labor. “We didn’t want this to look like a pet store,” explains Karena. “I’m turned off by so cluttered stores that have weird smells. My dream was to make “Urban Tails” a place where I would bring my dog and hang out”. Walk into the store and you’ll discover that dream: a surreal space that rivals the neighboring design boutiques on Beverly. 

View From the Top of Urban Tails

Across the freshly-painted walls: a Ghandi mantra (“The greatness of a country is based on the way it treats its animals”), artists’ murals of the owners pets, a calming koi pond and a space for animals to play. You’ll also meet Mr. Moon, Zack’s rescue dog and a constant fixture at the counter. Together, Karena and Zack have created a pet supply store that defines itself as the ultimate lifestyle experience for pet and owner. Urban Tails prides itself in offering the finest in food, cutting-edge products and a wide range of eco-friendly products.  You’ll also encounter innovative supplies(dog,bird,cat,fish,reptile),competitive prices, premium, holistic and raw pet foods - plus an added bonus: a friendly staff who encourage you to bring your pet companion shopping. Adds Zack: “Urban Tails isn’t just about buying pet food. It’s about creating a community for pet owners to come and talk, shop, bring their pets and hang out. Animal lovers get it. Come for the whole experience.”  

I can find my Evo Here

For More Information please visit: http://www.urbantails.net/
Or drop in and visit at:
7515 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
(323) 933-2100


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