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Our bodies are such marvelous machines so delicately balanced operating within such precise conditions that when one little thing goes askew it can throw everything else off.  The results of this can be disease or dis-ease. We know when we feel something isn't quite right in our bodies. We'll talk about our aches and pains with each other and when those aches get to a point we can't take them anymore we'll go to the doctor.

So what do you do if you feel things aren't right but can't verbally communicate your dis-ease? You put up with the aches and pains until someone around you notices. This is what happened to my friend Bruno, a beautiful White Shepherd. He never complained and even hid the fact that something was not quite right anymore. Finally we daft humans caught on not because he complained but because we saw the trouble.

One day we noticed a growth on his right paw between his toes. We thought he doesn't seem troubled by it so we'll just watch it. Well we watched it grow bigger and bigger, finally deciding something had to be done. We took him into a vet who did a biopsy on it and found it to be a tumor, serious but not threatening because it hadn't traveled into the bone. We could either operate or wait and see if it changed. Not wanting to put him through surgery we opted to wait. We waited and watched again. Yep, we watched it grow bigger. Finally we decided to do something and have it removed. Now the problem was who would we get to do the surgery?  Not comfortable with the vet that made the diagnosis, we turned to friends for referrals. One of those friends came through with the name of Dr. Jason  C. Rattan.

His office was close to home and we went in for a consultation.  Dr. Rattan was a young personable man relatively new to L.A., who because of love, had recently moved his practice from Dallas-Ft. Worth to L.A..  To read more about Dr. Rattan click here.

After giving Bruno a very through check up, Dr. Rattan agreed it was wisest to remove his tumor. He said it was safer to remove it, than leave it alone which carried the risk of potentially spreading into the bone and it was also disturbing Bruno's toes forcing them unnaturally apart. And he wanted to do it that day.  Luckily we hadn't feed him that morning due to a lesson Bruno's wife, Daisy (yes wife, they got married in a doggy wedding on the radio that's another story) gave us at the previous vets appointment. The lesson was if they got to nervous they would throw up. This allowed us to leave him with Dr. Rattan for his surgery.  Feeling assured by Dr. Rattan's knowledge and quick bond with Bruno we left him and went home.

As an aside I made one mistake and that was in not telling Bruno what was happening. You may think I'm crazy but I believe that animals can understand. Maybe not complex philosophical arguments, but simple things, like a child. So I should have told him we were leaving him but would be back and he was going to sleep and when he woke up he wouldn't feel good but after a while the vet would make him much better. I realized this mistake when during his recovery period he appeared confused as to why we left him and what was happening to him.  He'd look at me with these big questioning eyes, which said what's happening to me? And then drift off to sleep after I'd comfort him.

I'm a bit of a nervous mother and waited near the phone to hear how the surgery went.  Later in the afternoon we got a call that Bruno was out of surgery that everything went well. Dr. Rattan was pleased with the results and we could pick Bruno up in a few hours.

When we went in to get Bruno he of course was groggy but happy to see us. Dr, Rattan gave us a more detailed description of the surgery, he told us what to expect and how to care for Bruno. The technician carried him to the car for us and we all happily headed home.

We had several follow up visits with Dr. Rattan for bandage changes, wound cleaning, and to allow him to check on the progress of the wound. He also taught us how to care for the wound after a little infection set in; this entailed washing it out with water twice a day. Now Dr. Rattan made it look so easy.  I on the other hand found it more problematic. It was definitely a two person job and even then not the easiest thing to do.  I have to admit it didn't happen as often as it should.  But even with the neglect on my part Bruno thrived under Dr.  Rattans care. His wound healed quickly and he was back to his old self very quickly.

I found Dr. Rattan to be very friendly, caring, kind and compassionate with not just Bruno but both my animals.  He took his time with us humans explaining the procedures and after care, in great detail, as well as proving extremely willing to be asked countless questions and take the time in answering them. But most important he is a very good vet and a skilled surgeon. I feel very lucky to have found him and highly recommend him.

Dr. Jason C. Rattan
471 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3122 
(323) 931-1210

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