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Family Owned Business

Hollywood Grooming Pet Mobile Services, is a family owned business, that has been in the grooming business for the past 10 years. Hollywood Grooming's state-of-the art van, the most advanced in California, includes a special system for deep cleaning, hot water, a generator, and a top of the line air conditioning system.
Hollywood Grooming's state-of-the-art vans are the most advanced in the industry and include the following features:

Hollywood Grooming is Mobile Pet Grooming

1. A convenient self-operated Generator. No more plugging into outlets!

2. A top of the line LP Heater (operated separately form the van battery) that guarantees water is maintained at a comfortable temperature level for your pet.

3. A built-in high powered vacuum system that provides a safe and effective way to clean and disinfect after each pet.

4. Fifteen (15) feet of bright lighting to insure no shadowing and as a result allows precision scissoring and intricate clipping.

5. A "Super Sudser" that washes the soap and conditioner into your pet's coat to provide a maximum cleaning of your pet

6. A powerful 13,500 BTU-mounted RV Air Conditioner to keep the van at an optimal temperature for your pet during each grooming.
Their exclusive services include: Flea Bath/Medicated Bath, Ears and Eyes Cleaned, Checking for Fleas and Ticks, Nails Trimming, Expressing Anal Glands, Slow, Gentle Brash & Comb-out, Relaxing Fluff Dry by Hand (No Cage), Mini Massage, All Shampoos are Natural, Complete reporting on the condition of your loved one, Professional Hair Cuts for your needs, Teeth Cleaning and Hot Oil Treatment Massage after every bath.

Manicure and Teeth Cleaning

Hollywood Grooming is widely known for their love and extra special care for all pets and they treat your pet like their own. But don't take my word for it I've interviewed two of their newest clients and because I am a fluent speaker of the Brunish and Daisic Canine dialects, I've translated their replies into English.

Bruno is a white Shepherd who is getting on in years and is beginning to complain of hip pains, his favorite thing to do, is go for rides in the SUV his dad bought for him. He used to be able to jump right up into the vehicle but now-a-days finds he needs coaxing and sometimes help because it can hurt to jump. He has been good-natured about going to get groomed although the height of the washing tables scare him a little. He does loves the results, liking to show off how handsome he is when he is a newly cleaned fluff ball.

The Furs A Flyin'

Daisy is a Dalmatian, she is deaf and does not like being left behind at a groomers. Frequently driving them crazy because she won't keep quiet with all her complaining about being locked up in a cage. Her favorite thing to do is eat and she likes being clean. She doesn't make a  "thing of it" like Bruno does, because she always knows she looks good even if she is dirty.  "It's just another look, I can pull off effortlessly, that one month dirty hair grunge, look." She says.

Rub a Dub Dub

Neither of them were all that excited to try out Hollywood Groomers but since the appointment had already been scheduled, they both agreed to be sporting about it all. The morning of the grooming arrived and both dogs ran out to met their groomer, he passed the smell test and before any of us knew it Daisy had a leash around her neck and she was happily trotting after him to the van. She readily jumped into the van and was eager to get on with it all. Bruno and I followed along interested in what was happening.

The groomer told me it was ok to have Bruno accompany Daisy so they could share notes on what was happening. I attempted to get Bruno into the van but found they were parked to close to some garden plants and he couldn't get a running start, like he felt he needed to jump up. I explained to the groomer about Bruno's hesitancy and fear of hurting himself as I got myself, the leash and plants all tangled up together in my vain attempts to lure Bruno into the van. The groomer got out, took the leash from me stroked Bruno, talked to him, gave him a treat, then simply invited him up into the van and Bruno jumped right in, like there was nothing to it.

Wash & Dry

I began to wonder what I was so worried about. I looked into the immaculately clean van at Daisy beginning her bath and Bruno checking everything out and satisfied, left them all to it.

In what seemed like no time my door opened as Bruno came prancing in to show off how beautiful he looked. Daisy was just outside the door engaged in friendly chatter with the groomer as he slipped her some treats. They both were as white and clean as can be and looked gorgeous. Each was sporting a fancy new scarf and seemed very proud of themselves.I thanked their groomer and everyone said his or her goodbyes. Tails wagged and everyone went satisfied, back to their daily tasks.

When I interviewed the canines who now truly looked like the stars they were treated as, they had the following to say.

Bruno says: Two paws up



Bruno: Woof, woooo, woooof, off, wooof ruff. (This basically translates into "They were very understanding with me, I didn't need to tell them to be gently with my hips, or warn them about pulling my long hair. No, you could tell they knew just what they were doing and boy did they have magic fingers, and the hot oil treatment made my dry skin feel so suppple. My favorite part? Was the brushing and then the mini massage It was fantastic.)



Daisy says: Loved it


Daisy: RUFF, RRruuff, ruff, woof, grrrrrrr, bark, bark, bark. (I was so surprised to find the leash around my neck, I just felt so secure. I'd have followed that man anywhere. When I got into the van, I looked around and it was pretty, it looked brand new, all clean, shiny and white. I felt very luxurious and pampered as they brushed my teeth, cleaned my ears, eyes and gave me a blow dry. I can see why people can get addicted to this. I want to do it again and again. Everyone was so friendly and nice and even though I couldn't hear them, we understood each other perfectly. My favorite part? Well of course, it was the treats!)

Bright & Shiny

No more trips to the groomers for these two. They found it very easy and acceptable to be treated like a star. I'm sure your four pawed loved ones would agree. Why not let them try it for themselves.

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